ftv girl danielleOops I meant to put this update out a few weeks ago as part of my BDSM video series. Sorry! Sometimes I procrastinate myself into trouble. I think it’s because I remember the dungeon we shot in as being insanely hot. I felt like I was cooking in an oven. At one point I was so aggravated I yelled at poor James who was supposed to be my captor. The candle wax probably didn’t help, but it was still very hot (no pun intended).

danielle ftvSometimes a girl just has to get off, you know? I busted out my trusted Hitachi wand and found a 40’s type of hotel to shoot in. I love staying in new places, AND I get to shoot a hot masturbation video for my site. How great is that? I tried not to be too loud ( don’t know if I had neighbors ) but I really really came hard with that vibrator. It has got to rank near the top of the favorites for every girl’s toy chest…

danielle ftv cum facialI thought a public sex shoot would be very sexy, but I soon found out how difficult it really is. We drove all around town trying to find a secluded office park that would be empty on a weekend. After almost an hour we finally found one. It was James first time in public so he kept looking around (haha newbie) but everything went okay. Well except for a blooper or two (you’ll see)! I don’t know what was with James that day but there was a lot of freaking cum on my face. I really didn’t know what to do so I started giggling lol.

danielle ftv sex with a hairbrushI was originally going to do a hot masturbation scene in my new slinky pink chemise I got when I was in New York, but for whatever reason I decided to stuff my hairbrush inside of my pussy at the last minute. I had never done it before and thought it might be a little extra kink that some of you guys like. You’re always asking me to try new things, right? Well it stayed up inside me even when standing up so I guess I have a pretty tight vajayjay. 🙂

danielle ftv bondagePart two of my bondage lessons. I really loved the roleplaying I did for this shoot, willfully submitting to Master James and his desires and making my only thoughts to please him. I was especially happy when my dress came off – I could not believe how hot that dungeon got down there! It was a relief to finally have my clothes off and let everything hang out. I sucked his dick as best I could and I know he loved it but he flogged me anyway!

danielle ftv footjob I used to get made fun of for my big feet but hey they are great for footjobs. They’re wide so they cover more cock than skinny feet! I think James would agree – I rubbed my feet all over his cock and balls before and after he fucked me, and he came over my toes too. I liked it, and I’m planning on more foot play when I shoot with FTV Girls Anne next month heh. I’m wondering how much of a girls foot I can put in my pussy…

danielle ftv light bondageSo this is my first EVER bdsm shoot, with more to come. I’ve always wanted to try it, and I’m pretty proud how it came out even though it was hot as heck in there with those costumes. I liked wearing the ‘posture collar’ too, which limits what I can see and do with my head (just enough). Once I got into the scene I really wanted more, so we plan on pushing some boundries in the shoots to come. How about some real hardcore bondage with yours truly?

danielle ftv hardcoreI’m really curious to see the comments on this video. Not only does James ditch the mask (he decided to be an adult film star) but he also takes a dominant role instead of just being a stunt cock. It’s just like ‘real’ sex I think. You know, the way I normally do it off camera. I wasn’t nervous and really was enjoying it. You can probably see that on my face. 🙂 I especially liked the hair pulling and sex from behind, two of my personal faves.

danielle ftv in corsetI really liked how this shoot turned out. I absolutely love the way I look in the black halter corset with the sexy glasses. I originally bought it for a sexuality class (we had to bring costumes to wear one time) and it was a good match for the new sex toy Anoree sent me. It’s a vibrating Fukoku glove. I had to press down hard on my vagina (I like lots of pressure) but it was plenty enough to make me orgasm. I hope you enjoy this Danielle FTV update as much as I did!

danielle ftv swallows cumOkay so James, the guy, did not want his face in the videos so he ended up wearing a zorro type mask… which was kinda funny. Anyways, I plan on doing a hardcore sex video at least once a month for you guys, something different every time. For this one I wanted a cum in mouth scene. Everyone seems to like that. I don’t understand girls that spit though. I mean it’s already in there, so just swallow it. It didn’t even taste that bad, which is unusual because I normally don’t like the taste.

danielle ftv masturbatingI went into town today in my short skirt with no panties for shoot, and this masturbation video turned out to be a REALLY long shoot. I was in a semi-public spot and I kept hearing (imagining?) people walking close by the whole time, so I was on edge. But anywhoo, it all worked out. I love anal toys (my butt hole is super tight) so I was able to get off hard using double penetration toys right on the stairs. I hope nobody was nearby and heard me!

danielle ftv fountainIt’s getting really hot down here in AZ, but this scene wasn’t too bad because I was playing in the fountain (which was incredibly refreshing). I got lucky this time. The photographer and I never really plan where to shoot, we mostly drive around until we find an interesting place. Crazy I know, but it works. When I saw this huge fountain with nobody around (and no cameras!) I was more than willing to strip down and splash around. I also decided to put a condom on my popsicle and stick it inside of me. That was cold!