hot wife rioAbout a month ago I was contact by Rio, another girl with her own website, asking me if I was interested in doing a scene together. Of course I was interested! She was very sweet and very cute, so we set it up at a hotel room. We chatted while waiting for the photographer and her husband was there too (!) They were both very nice, and I had a blast with her, even though I was unable to get off orally. But it was such a good time we set up another shoot for tomorrow. 🙂

danielle ftvWith my dark wig and creamy white lace dress on, I feel like someone else – someone discovering her innocence again. It’s like I get to be a naughty girl all over again! I like this office complex because even though it’s a big place it’s still surrounded by many green trees so vehicles driving by don’t get complete access to my nude shoots. As it is a few cars might have gotten in a peek or two who knows… I had some toys in my purse so I made it into a sexy masturbation shoot…

naughty nurseContinuing the hospital theme, this time with me as the naughty nurse! This video update is all about oral sex, and it’s mostly about me. I’ve been reading online about people who want to see more pussy eating so here it is. I give James the doctor a blowjob for a minute or two, but really the rest of the time his tongue gets a workout down below the border. I usually take a long time to cum this way, but I enjoy it. I’m guessing his mouth was numb towards the end lol.

big irish boobs Everything is green! From my crazy wig to the phallic shaped dildo, I went totally Irish. I also had a kettle with gold coins so I could pretend I was a naughty leprechaun with big St. Patrick’s Day boobs hehe. I thought that for something different i would try stuffing my green bracelet and those gold coins in my pussy, just because I’ve never seen any other girl do it. So hey it’s another first for me. I got to pretend the green dildo was from an Irish man so that was good too.

naughty doctorI love role playing. Something about dressing up and pretending to be someone else is sexually liberating, you know? You do things you normally wouldn’t do. Well this time I’m in the dominant role as the naughty doctor with an attitude who ends up seducing her patient James for a role-reversal fuck and he ends up cumming on my titties. Okay I might not be the best actor but I get the job done! lol!

valentine's day boobs I finally had a chance to wear this sexy red dress I had for Valentine’s Day (I normally just war shorts and a t-shirt). We found an office complex to shoot in, even though there was a busy hotel next to it. I wonder how many guests saw my Valentine’s Day boobs as we shot? I found a more secluded spot where I could masturbate with a jeweled butt plug in my booty and I thought it was brilliant for Valentine’s Day. 🙂

danielle ftv public The weather has been so great down here in AZ during the winter I’ve been doing lots of public nudity shoots. I found this office park with a nice semi-secluded spot and I was able to masturbate with my vibrator to a nice strong orgasm. There were a few cars driving around, and one of them stopped for a bit so I’m pretty sure he was watching for a bit… until the photographer aimed his camera at him and he took off lol.

danielle ftv toysI’ve been looking forward to this update for awhile. I’ve planned to try every sex toy category I could think of, so I got a butt plug, anal beads, a large dildo, vaginal beads, vibrator, and a glass dildo. I played with all of them to compare what they did for me and I love the jeweled butt plug. It goes in cold but then you can feel it warming up inside it’s incredible. Next time I’ll put it in the fridge first…woo!

masturbation girlOne of the great things about shooting for my site is I buy new clothes all the time to keep you guys happy. I’m an expert in finding dresses that are perfect for boob flashing and upskirt shots. The only issue I have is mini dresses tend to be really really short on me, probably cause of my big boobs and butt. So I can’t wear these in my personal life but for you fans it’s super hot. I keep getting my hair lighter and lighter (like the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland) and am wondering if I should tan more to offset it. Oh! For this shoot I was the masturbation girl outside some retail shops (closed on the weekends hehe).

danielle ftv analOkay, so first, shooting a sex video is hard. Shooting an anal sex video is doubly hard! I was so into the camera and the positions and the angles I didn’t enjoy myself as I usually do when having sex in my personal life. I want to do this again without all the distractions so I can really concentrate on the sex and how I’m feeling. Whew. I had to get that out. This is my first time anal video, but I promise it won’t be my last.

danielle ftv masturbatingI know lots of you guys love the masturbating videos so I made this one with that in mind and really enjoyed myself thinking of the horny cocks out there that will be watching. Sometimes fantasizing about strangers jerking off to me really gets me wet. Okay make that ALL the time. That’s one of the scenes from my ‘spank bank’ lol. I even did it in front of a fireplace for a romantic effect. The combination of the two made me really reach orgasm easily and I came very hard. Yum.

Not much acting in this free lesbian video clip! It’s busty Danielle FTV and one of her kissing girlfriends totally going at it on the couch. Their first hurdle is getting those bras off! But with success comes reward, and they can then explore and kiss each others’ boobies. Danielle has big natural boobs, so the girlfriend has a good time playing with her fun bags. They make out some more before we see some pussy licking, but Danielle has been waiting for this so her love hole is swollen and wet. Very nice free lesbian video clip.