bathtub sexThis is one of those bathtub sex videos where you can tell I really love sucking cock. He fondled my boobs, I blew him. We had sex, I blew him. We had more sex, I blew him some more. Being able to taste myself on a cock is incredibly sexy to me. So yeah I guess I love giving blowjobs. No complaints so far though. BTW this scene was suggestion by one of the members, so thanks for the idea! Keep sending in what you want me to do people. 🙂

extreme anal toysI like having my own website, but if I were to shoot for other companies I would probably be known as an ‘anal queen’ because I like it so much. There’s just something exciting about seeing how much my butthole can stretch, adding a whole different level on my sexuality. I ordered some new anal toys (one is 14.2 inches around!) and am looking forward to that. Remember, always use lots of lube!

interracial video This is my first interracial video with a college student named Ayden who responded to my craigslist ad looking for male talent. He’s half black and half Puerto Rican with dark skin but light eyes which I found incredibly sexy. When I first saw the photos he sent me I immediately decided his scene would be my big update of the year. I’m a little nervous what my members might think about an interracial video but I hope nobody has an issue with me having sex with someone of color.

sexy military girlI got the idea of dressing up as a sexy military girl when I saw one of Holly Randall’s recent webcam shows, and it was just in time for Veteran’s day. I absolutely love the service outfits I bought for this shoot – one for each branch of the armed forces. It took a lot of internet shopping to find them all but I’m glad I did. Most of them fit well and really highlighted my curvy body. Like other girls I like uniforms and the men in them. 🙂

danielle ftv sexSo here’s Berney the latest male talent for me and my site. He’s much younger than I thought… he just turned 20. Wow! Definitely the youngest guy I’ve ever been with. Isn’t that odd? Usually they’re much older. Our first scene is a straight up hardcore romp in the bedroom with a deep creampie ending, but coming up soon is an adventurous ‘sex in public’ shoot and I can’t wait for that! That kind of excitement is a real turn on for me.

school girl slut I thought a school girl slut fantasy video shoot would be interesting, with a finishing pop shot right on my sexy glasses. Well… there were some technical difficulties. Like I thought I’d take control when he cummed so I could aim better but I have terrible eye/hand coordination. Not only was I totally shocked and surprised when he came but I flinched when I saw white hot liquid hurtling towards my eyeballs lol. I ended up getting his cum everywhere and not just on the glasses, so it was more of an outtake but I imagine it was more ‘real’ when this situation actually happens…

danielle ftv analOkay this is my second hardcore anal scene on camera and it flowed very well I think. James is easy to work with so I’m very comfortable doing these types of videos with him. And for those asking, YES I DO like anal sex, I just have to be in the mood for it. It’s not rare but it’s not all the time, every time either. 😛 James fit in perfectly and it’s such a different sensation it’s hard to describe. I think what I need next is an anal creampie.

heels and pussyAs much as I want to, I’ve been unable to fist my own pussy, so I bought a ‘fist toy’ and will try using that to see if that helps. Maybe I’m having trouble because I have a long torso I don’t know. Any way as I was checking out my new toy I ended up in my closet room surrounded by my many shoes. It’s actually pretty cool in there and the heels make me feel sexy, so I ended up shooting a masturbation video in here. Now my heels and pussy and fully connected lol!

femdom mistress Being dominant in the bedroom is new for me… and being submissive is new for James, so this made for an interesting bdsm video for us. Looking back I should have been harsher with James when he didn’t follow my orders quickly enough (or at all). He must understand that Mistress Danielle is not to be fooled with LOL. I say if my sub can’t follow my laws his punishment should be swift and sure…

shower sex James and I usually like to ‘wing it’ when doing our hardcore scenes, so sex in the shower was kind of a last minute idea. It was hot, but a bit of a pain. Not much room to move around, steamy glass windows, and not terribly comfortable. At least the cleanup is easy haha. It looks great in the movies though! We tried to capture that as best we could. Overall I think the shower sex was really steamy so I hope you enjoy it.

anal adventures I’ve been on an anal kick lately and have been almost obsessed with stuffing large objects into my butt hole. I’m building up to double anal penetration but I’m doing it on the down-low so I don’t screw up the video for you guys lol! I’m also testing an ‘anal dilator training kit’ that comes with 5 different butt plug sizes. I’m already up to the largest size so I’m eyeing my next conquest… I’m not sure what it’s called but it has 3 ‘balls’ stacked in increasing order. I haven’t made it to the largest ball (almost 9 inches!) but when I do you’ll all know. Then at some point I can do an anal fisting as well.

first time threesome Yes, this is my very first on camera b/g/g threesome scene with Hot Wife Rio. We roleplayed a bit for this… I asked Rio to show me how to give a great blowjob for my boyfriend Chad. Simple, right? Well Chad has an amazing body and had a huge cum shot too. I thought Rio and I would share a facial but she hogged it all to herself! Good thing too as she got some in her eye LOL I don’t want that to ever happen to me. I’m hoping to do another threesome shoot with Rio again soon!