danielle ftv dirty sex video Tommy Pistol and I make a dirty sex video in this crazy BDSM cage, and it made be feel super slutty. I was wearing the perfect outfit for it. I did things I don’t normally do as I really got into it. We have some great sexual chemistry I think. Fans of dick gagging and sloppy blowjobs will like this video as much as I enjoyed making it. I even got into some dirty talk, which isn’t normally like me, but I enjoyed it too and want to do it more next time.

ftv girl danielle When I met Tommy Pistol I found out first hand how attractive he is (even better than his pictures) and how entertaining he is, so I offered to hire him for a shoot for my website. We went out the night before (not such a good idea) and had too much so we had to push the shoot back a day because of hangovers lol. Let me say the wait was worth it, Tommy Pistol was incredible. So much so I’m going to Los Angeles to do some more hardcore shoots with his photographer.

cum inside me I think this sex video really captures the chemistry that can happen between two people. I love watching Johnny Castle’s hard muscular body against my soft curvy one – it actually turned me on just watching it during editing. He actually ripped my top off and there was something about that primal act that was just incredibly erotic. I always read about that in romance books but having it done in real life is amazing and gets me really wet. Johnny Castle gave me a creampie finish and you can really see it dripping out of me.

sex with johnny castleI’ve had a bit of a crush on Johnny Castle since his days at Naughty America, so I jumped at the chance of hiring him for my site. I was ecstatic we were going to be doing two sex scenes while he was down here. For the first we booked a room at a resort and I put on my sexy lingerie and stockings and let him go to town on me before he shot his load in my mouth. It was great, really. It’s just what I imagine hot sex to be like.

ass to mouth baby Here is the second part of my sex video with Mike Adriano with all the good stuff! This is my very first ATM (ass to mouth) as well as a surprising ATP (ass to pussy). I was a little nervous about the anal sex getting.. uh… messy so I did some crazy anal prep beforehand so I was very clean. Also the ATP was a heat of the moment decision I probably should have thought through. I don’t regret it but I’m not planning on more. Mike finishes the video by shooting his cum into my mouth. That’s good, right?

honey pussy Okay my sex video with Mike was so long I had to break it down into two parts. He likes to do the shooting and he likes to take his time and film from his POV (point of view). This first one is all about foreplay. I pour honey all over my body and Mike has to lick it off. I especially like my honey pussy! I return the favor with a honey dick blowjob. Also, it was so darn hot out it was very messy. When we took a break a personal assistant had to wipe the sticky honey off me with a cold wet towel which was nice…

cum in her mouth We booked up and coming talent Richie Calhoun for a sex video shoot. He’s attractive, fun, easy going and totally someone I would date. He’s kinda my type. He’s been in at least 70 scenes so far according to IAFD (adult version of IMDB) and I think he would do best in romance porn films for women. Yeah he’s like that. The chemistry between us was there so the sex was amazing. I even let him cum in my mouth. Hell I even ate the drippage that fell on to my arm it was so hot…

shoe fetish Some foot fetish members made some requests that gave me the idea for this video. You see I have over 150 pairs of shoes, so I have a bit of a shoe mania. In this home video I spend some time in my giant shoe closet trying on shoes and masturbating with some heels of different sizes which was VERY interesting. When editing the video after I noticed some tags sticking out what can I say I’m an amateur. 😛

orgasmic fucking Give me orgasms and I will you my world. Xander was amazing. I with I had mind blowing sex like I did in this video every time. If he lived closer I’d be calling him for a booty call every damn night. He actually might have been boyfriend material – or maybe that’s just the great sex talking. I knew he was a bit of a kinkster going in but he really was intense too. After this orgasmic fucking I was tempted to tell him to skip his flight so he could spend the night with me haha. I know I’ll be fantasizing about this one for a long time…

field goal facial Isn’t Superbowl sex every sport fan’s fantasy? Or getting head during the game? Well that’s the idea behind this hardcore video shoot with Jay. I met him in Vegas during the AVN awards and we hit it off. We filmed this during the playoffs in our respective jersies when I seduce him on the couch. We both kept sneaking peeks at the TV but we got it done. I love the ending when he gives me a field goal facial.

electro stim video I discovered electro stim when I first played around with my friend’s Violet Wand when I was in Vegas. We were using it to shock one another which was fun, but then I found out how to use the body contact attachment. Ooh la la. At home I played with it on my pussy and breasts. It is an incredible sensation… seriously orgasmic. My breasts got a little itchy after but totally worth it. In this video I explain how the Violet Wand works and what I like to do with it. 🙂

sexy valentine costumeThis year I’m the Queen of Hearts! Only with a sexy, naughty side to her.. plus some big boobies. I thought it came with a crown but it didn’t. 🙁 I also bought a pink glass dildo with a heart shaped end, a red vibrator with hearts and nipple clips with hearts to go with this Valentine costume just to spice it up. Unfortunately the toys weren’t strong enough to get me off so I had to switch to the reliable VibraKing (wow!) to bring my clit over the edge.