Pretty Blue Spread

I head over to a nearby office building. I’m pretty nervous about people seeing me get undressed and changing into a different outfit so we head to the second floor where it doesn’t look busy. I take off my cute black polka-dot present dress and put on a summery brown, white and turquoise dress. I slip out of my black heels, and let you guys see my flinstone feet (at least they are manicured). I pose a little for the camera, letting you guys get a good look at my boobs and “down there” area. Playing around with my breasts I go over to the railing and let them dangle down over the edge (feeling really stupid btw), before we decided we got enough footage and it’s time to go. And in good time too because right as I was covering myself a guy peeked out one of the office doors!

hot dress orgasm

This shoot is a continuation of the “Hot Dress to Go” shoot. Supposedly the freaking building was empty, but while sitting there exposed for the world to see, playing with myself, there I see a man peering at me on the second floor. Boy did I bolt out of there quick! So we go to a different location where I could do the masturbation scene, but I was still pretty nervous about getting caught so it took me a while to orgasm. But orgasm I did!

Hot dress to go

Since I bought this gorgeous black polka dot present dress specifically for my shoot, the FTV photog took me to a really pretty office so that the dress would “look right.” I pose pretty for the camera, pulling out my boobs, fondling them, and let you guys see some upskirt action. Some of my favorite pictures were taken at this location. I go sit down to masturbate and since I left my toy in the car, I have to masturbate with my fingers, while the photog goes to get the toy.

Brittni meets Danielle

Today I get to assist this blonde chick named Brittni. We put on a little makeup together and then start kissing. Honestly she seemed pretty tentative about kissing me, so we didn’t do it to much. We go sit down so she can masturbate, and I play with my boobs a little. The FTV photog told me that I was making funny faces the whole time…but she had such an “interesting” way of masturbating, so I really couldn’t help it. Plus I had a lot on my mind.

Tara meets Danielle

I get to be the assistant to this super cute brown haired, brown eyed girl named Tara. She was my first assist shoot so I was pretty nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. She was super sweet and was really giggly, which in turn made me even more giggly than I normally am. We go to a park where we play around, acting like complete fools. We run over to this homeless guy and ask if he wants to see our boobs but he ignores us…grrrr. So seeing two other guys walking towards us we run over and ask them if they want to see our boobs…and surprisingly enough they didn’t really care. So we tried to excite them a little by licking each others boobs…and that didn’t do it either. Oh well…guess they don’t swing that way.

pepper meets danielle

I meet this local girl named Pepper today and get to assist her shoot. She is pretty bi or at least bi-curious (or maybe she was just faking). Either way to play with her a quite a bit…yeah. At an empty office building, we ride the elevator up and down, up and down making out while the photographer trys to get footage and the shots he needs. I go and sit up on a ledge, pull my boobs out and let Pepper play with me. And let me tell you…she is pretty good. I hop down so we can make-out again, and she fondles my breasts a little more.

Hard Breast Massage

Funny thing is I’ve never actually given myself a breast massage. That’s what guys or my gynecologist is for. So you guys get to see me stare at myself in a mirror while I lotion up my boobs and give them a nice hard breast massage. Since the photographer wanted to see me lick my boobs I went over to the sink to wash them off, because frankly lotion does not taste good. So hard breast massage… pretty self explanatory.

First Time Photoshoot

This is my first photoshoot that I did for First Time Video. We go to the main bedroom where I pose and act pretty for the camera…while some young photog in training takes pictures of me. We go downstairs and I take even more pictures, the photographer telling me “give me a little smirk” and “look sexy, give me a sexy look.” Yes…you guys get to see me play with my boobs again. I wonder if the photographer masturbated that night to the image of me.