Halloween Impalement

Halloween ImpalementMy first official Halloween update (which really should be my second, but I wasn’t able to do one last year). This sexy costume was actually the costume that I used to the Nocturnal festival in September. My actual Halloween costume this year is a gladiator girl/warrior girl costume. I will have to do a professional shoot in it sometime though you will be able to see a preview in the candid picture section. I thought the wig was rather cute (kind of an anime Alice in Wonderland)… and it made me feel really hot. It kept getting messed up so I ended up having to fix it a lot during the shoot (I took it off an hour or so into the Nocturnal festival because of that and the heat problem.) I had actually bought the fuzzy white gogo boot covers for the costume but never wore them…they are still sitting at the bottom of my closet!

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