Danielle FTV wears cute bunny costume

I don’t seem to wear a lot of lingerie for shoots so I definitely wanted to switch it up a bit (plus there aren’t that many cute bunny costumes out there.) I totally dig the pink sparkly bunny ears I got. It came with long pink gloves and a bunny tail but I didn’t know what I would pin the bunny tail to so I just left it out along with the gloves. The see through g-string that came with the lingerie was way too big for me (that seems to happen a lot when I buy sets that come with underwear…the top fits fine but the bottoms are always too big) so I didn’t end up wearing those either (but when do I ever wear underwear?) Those bunny clips that I was using as nipple clips weren’t supposed to be used that way. They were quite uncomfortable but I dealt with it because I thought it would be cute in my shoot.

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