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danielle ftv santas sweetie This year I really dressed up like a slut for Santa. This tight revealing dress hugs all my curves so my boobs and butt look extra big, and the heels matched too. I picked up some small ball ornaments and thought I would try stuffing them inside myself. Wow I surprised myself being able to fit all 16 but let me tell you, it was very difficult to get them all OUT lol. I had to totally reach in there to rescue the last few balls…

sexy military girlI got the idea of dressing up as a sexy military girl when I saw one of Holly Randall’s recent webcam shows, and it was just in time for Veteran’s day. I absolutely love the service outfits I bought for this shoot – one for each branch of the armed forces. It took a lot of internet shopping to find them all but I’m glad I did. Most of them fit well and really highlighted my curvy body. Like other girls I like uniforms and the men in them. 🙂

danielle ftv light bondageSo this is my first EVER bdsm shoot, with more to come. I’ve always wanted to try it, and I’m pretty proud how it came out even though it was hot as heck in there with those costumes. I liked wearing the ‘posture collar’ too, which limits what I can see and do with my head (just enough). Once I got into the scene I really wanted more, so we plan on pushing some boundries in the shoots to come. How about some real hardcore bondage with yours truly?

danielle ftv valentine's day On this Valentine’s Day I bought two different lingerie outfits and retreated to my red fairy room with the new bookshelf. I decided to show off my Valentine’s Day cards I’ve been collecting over the years and that romantic stuff puts me in the mood. Most are from my members/fans – which is very much appreciated! That day I also found my new favorite toy of all time and it definitely beats the Vibra King which used to be my favorite. 🙂 Hope you can watch my naughty learning experience.

busty schoolgirl I had a lot of fun acting like a silly schoolgirl in this video. It was shot at a public school that is adjacent to the park we do some shoots in. School was closed (obviously) but I felt like the people in the park that saw me walk over in my tiny plaid skirt knew exactly what we were up to! Now as much as I feel the whole schoolgirl thing is overplayed I actually really enjoyed shooting this. I think it turned out really cute. Especially my ponytail. 🙂

busty queen Yes, I’m a queen! Lol. I really enjoyed this shoot, because I’m totally obsessed with the Tudor and Elizabethan era. I got to play dress up as one of my favorite historical figures (Anne Boleyn). She was King Henry VIII’s second wife and he had her beheaded. The costume was custom made for me. I was a little worried but everything seemed to fit well enough but I didn’t know they’d cover up my boobs so much. I thought they’d be heaving out the top but I guess I need a corset for that. The shoot location worked well for this theme, and I loved the ivy covered wall outside the house. My favorite part of the costume was the crown of course. 🙂

I’ve got to admit, using a bottle of Guinness to stuff inside me for St. Patrick’s day was a brilliant idea. I mean St. Patrick’s day is all about drinking…and Guinness is an Irish beer so it just seemed perfect to me. I have absolutely no idea what I will do for my next St. Patty’s day shoot (I’ve already run out of ideas.) I will probably end up using some green toy again like I did last year. I also noticed that they really don’t have all that many St. Patrick’s day costumes (kind of like Easter.) I had these cute little green bows that came with the costume accessories but decided to just use the headband. I guess I’ll have to use the bows next year. I also bought green clover nipple pasties that I was planning on using this year but ended up deciding against it. There was this weird white capsule thing in the bottle that I couldn’t figure out how to get out. I just looked it up and apparently it is called a “widget”.

I seriously come up with some of the coolest “stuffing/insertion” ideas ever! I love searching all over the internet and in stores to find the most interesting things I can use for my updates, that haven’t really been seen before. I originally found these marbles that had hearts in the middle but I lost the link to it. I ended up going with these glass hearts which I think is just as cool. This shoot was definitely more difficult than most of the shoots I’ve done before. The photographer/videographer had a heck of a time trying to get enough light inside of me so we could get clear shots. This is my second time doing a speculum scene (the first was for my original FTV Girls shoot and didn’t turn out to well because of lighting issues.) I ended taking out and putting in the speculum like a dozen times which ended up kind of irritating me inside down there. Looking at my cervix you can definitely see that it’s irritated, but with all the weird positions and the glass hearts I was stuffing in me what could I expect. I’m not going to lie…I like everything in the video other than looking at my cervix. That really should probably be kept for the doctor. BTW….not sure if this would be considered another extreme update (I’ll probably put it as that) but I did end up putting 18 glass hearts in me.

Wow…I went crazy with the screen shots this time. This was a fun video to make so I’ve course I’m going to make tons of screen shots for it. I wanted to do something kind of kinky for New Years. I saw Mardi Gras beads that said “2010” on them and all of a sudden thought it would be great to stuff them inside me for my New Years shoot. Unfortunately the beads weren’t in stock so I ended up having to get plain black and silver beads (which is probably a good thing since I’m sure the 2010 beads would have hurt.) I could only find a couple New Years theme costumes. Hopefully next year I will find more!

This video is too cute! I like the sexy costume I wore…but I wish that I had taken off that white shrug thing for some of the shoot (I think it makes my shoulders look big.) My dancing skills aren’t all that great when I’m in heels dancing on the carpet, but hey it was fun anyways. I absolutely love Christmas carols, and you guys can actually hear one of my favorite songs in the video (the chipmunk song.) I ended up buying a window background decoration after I saw that it had Santa peeking through the window (hehe pervy Santa.) It’s funny how much effort I put into my theme/holiday shoots. I probably spend more money on holiday costumes than I do on regular clothes.

Halloween ImpalementMy first official Halloween update (which really should be my second, but I wasn’t able to do one last year). This sexy costume was actually the costume that I used to the Nocturnal festival in September. My actual Halloween costume this year is a gladiator girl/warrior girl costume. I will have to do a professional shoot in it sometime though you will be able to see a preview in the candid picture section. I thought the wig was rather cute (kind of an anime Alice in Wonderland)… and it made me feel really hot. It kept getting messed up so I ended up having to fix it a lot during the shoot (I took it off an hour or so into the Nocturnal festival because of that and the heat problem.) I had actually bought the fuzzy white gogo boot covers for the costume but never wore them…they are still sitting at the bottom of my closet!

Boudoir ShaveThis is a pretty private thing for me (shaving my private area) so you guys better feel lucky that I decided to do a shaving video! I tried to mix a few different elements into this video like sexy stockings (and pink one’s at that!), shaving pussy, hairiness, and the cupless corset. I actually got this corset from a local photographer here in Arizona. I think it looks very good on me. I probably could’ve used my razor to do a masturbation scene since it does vibrate…but personally I’d be a little freaked out about cutting myself with one of the many razor blades on it!