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danielle ftvWith my dark wig and creamy white lace dress on, I feel like someone else – someone discovering her innocence again. It’s like I get to be a naughty girl all over again! I like this office complex because even though it’s a big place it’s still surrounded by many green trees so vehicles driving by don’t get complete access to my nude shoots. As it is a few cars might have gotten in a peek or two who knows… I had some toys in my purse so I made it into a sexy masturbation shoot…

valentine's day boobs I finally had a chance to wear this sexy red dress I had for Valentine’s Day (I normally just war shorts and a t-shirt). We found an office complex to shoot in, even though there was a busy hotel next to it. I wonder how many guests saw my Valentine’s Day boobs as we shot? I found a more secluded spot where I could masturbate with a jeweled butt plug in my booty and I thought it was brilliant for Valentine’s Day. 🙂

danielle ftv fountainIt’s getting really hot down here in AZ, but this scene wasn’t too bad because I was playing in the fountain (which was incredibly refreshing). I got lucky this time. The photographer and I never really plan where to shoot, we mostly drive around until we find an interesting place. Crazy I know, but it works. When I saw this huge fountain with nobody around (and no cameras!) I was more than willing to strip down and splash around. I also decided to put a condom on my popsicle and stick it inside of me. That was cold!

danielle ftv public nudityThis is a secluded area of an office park that I like because it’s somewhat secluded for my public nudity shoots. I love the location, the dress I wore, and the day was just perfect. I’ve been shooting a lot of public videos lately, not just for me, but because I know a lot of you guys get off watching the public stuff hehe. I wasn’t interrupted this time so I was able to use my toy until I had a creamy orgasm. I always love when that shows up on camera. 🙂

danielle ftv glassesThis object insertion video is probably one of the kinkiest shoots I’ve done yet. I haven’t seen any other videos with a girl stuffing glasses inside her! I was a little surprised this actually worked, too. I gotta admit the glasses pinched a bit going in, but that was okay. A little pain is worth it to get a crazy good video and photo set like this. The public location we shot at was deserted at that hour… until three bike riders drove by as I had my ass up in the air for some pictures! One of them did a double take but luckily none of them said anything. It was quite embarrassing. 😛

danielle ftv gone green Today’s shoot was at this outdoor mall with lots of secluded spots where I could flash my stuff. I loved it, but once in awhile other people would still walk through. Oops! The first area was on this outdoor balcony overlooking a few restaurants but after a few another lady came by. I hope she didn’t see anything! Our second area was this cool stairwell where I was able to masturbate even though there were plenty of people nearby just out of sight. I’m just glad we didn’t run into security this time!

busty schoolgirl I had a lot of fun acting like a silly schoolgirl in this video. It was shot at a public school that is adjacent to the park we do some shoots in. School was closed (obviously) but I felt like the people in the park that saw me walk over in my tiny plaid skirt knew exactly what we were up to! Now as much as I feel the whole schoolgirl thing is overplayed I actually really enjoyed shooting this. I think it turned out really cute. Especially my ponytail. 🙂

danielle ftv public boobageYou’ve got to love the weekends! It’s the best time for public nudity shoots since most office buildings downtown are empty and you can run amok. I wore a slinky dress and shoes that were just a little too tight. My hair color is also a little different for this update. We ended up outside a bank where I lifted up my dress and masturbated with my toy and fingers until I came. There was a landscaper nearby I hope he didn’t see too much!

Danielle FTV office masturbation
The place where I live is surrounded by lots of really nice office buildings, so we’ve been shooting in them these last few shoots (preferably early or late when nobody is around). The white dress I’m wearing out in public is slightly see through, so I was a little nervous walking outside my apartment wondering if I would run into any neighbors! No problems though. Well, except that I forgot the toy I brought was scented, so you’ll see me making a funny face when I put it in my mouth. Lol yuck!

public masturbation pussy Danielle FTV hits the streets with her new photographer on a mission to have a public orgasm. First, some lunch at a busy diner where she flashes her tits and even her pussy under the table! Very daring public nudity, luckily she wasn’t caught this time. Going down the block to a parking garage, Danielle FTV finds a quiet spot in a stairwell and removes her sexy panties to find that her pussy is already wet. She starts rubbing her clit and fingering herself but someone is coming! So Danielle quickly puts her sexy panties back on and retreats into the parking level. Another private spot allows her to continue playing with her aching pussy, but the moment has been lost, and she’s unable to orgasm. 🙁 It’s almost funny watching her curse in frustration with her big tits and wet pussy still exposed. Next time for sure, Danielle FTV! We like public masturbation!

Resort Dare So this shoot is covering a few different fetishes. For those of you who love seeing glasses, hair down there, very tall, strappy heels, and/or public nudity and masturbation then here’s your shoot. I finally got my Dior glasses (one of the most expensive things I own…my mom actually picked them out for me since I was getting frustrated by the vast amount of glasses I had to choose from.) The dress I got from an ex boyfriend a couple years ago. It’s nice because it’s really easy to slip your boobs in and out of. The shoes I got a couple of months ago from Bebe. They are by far my favorite shoes. And they are incredibly tall (I think like 5″ tall) so it’s kind of hard to walk around in them. It was pretty windy when we were shooting so the part were I’m masturbating on the golf cart is very noisy. We got caught a couple of times (hence why FTVRob doesn’t like shooting at this resort.)

I didn’t realize that when I picked out the pink shirt to wear for my shoot that I had already worn in before in another shoot. I’ve really only worn it once before (for the Splash and Squirt video) and I’ve never worn it in public. I really prepared for this shoot since I knew it was going to be my most public shoot of the year (or at least so far this year.) I got airbrush tanned the night before so I am definitely looking WAY darker than I normally do. When I was looking at some of the pictures from this shoot I noticed a couple spots that are a bit darker than the rest of my body (like my vajayjay.) I also grew out my pubic hair for this shoot since I’ve gotten quite a few requests for hairy shoots. Nobody seemed all too bothered about my walking around with my boobs out and I got caught so many times when I was completely naked…it was kind of embarassing!