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danielle ftv wakeup closeupsI had a member request a 45 minute pussy closeup video… but that was NOT going to happen. I decided I would compromise with an overall closeup shoot of my naked body as I wake up, similar to my very first (and very sexy) FTV Girls shoot. I absolutely love the bed I shot in, so I had no trouble getting in the mood. It was cloudy outside, so you might notice the natural light comes and goes, but still I hope you enjoy this video. 🙂

Here’s a little treat for you guys. It’s me and Lia 19 playing naughty Rock Band! I really like this video because I had a blast playing the game, even though I’m not very good. I wanted to make it fun for you guys too, so our boobs are out, and you can see right up our dresses. Woohoo!

danielle ftvI got the shoot name from my mom when I came over to her house a couple of weeks ago with my hair done the same way and wearing the same dress. I love being compared to an “Earth Goddess” or “fairy/nymph”! My dress is actually the same color as my puppy Love Bug right now (I had her dyed purple for my birthday.) FTVRob was telling me that my boobs are looking bigger than they were which is totally awesome. I wouldn’t mind being a 38DD. I realized when looking up what vegetable I was using that the name for the summer squash video I did last year is completely wrong. I named it “Zucchini Treat” when it’s really a summer squash (though in my defense I actually wasn’t the person who thought up this name…it was FTVRob and I had no idea in the first place what I was stuffing in me.)

It’s always funny when I have all my outfits planned out for a shoot and then my photographer/videographer tells me that we should shoot in what I arrived in. I absolutely love my Victoria’s Secret “Pink” lounge pants. So far they are the most comfortable pants I own. The only thing I don’t particularly care about is the sequins above the butt and that’s only when I’m sleeping and the top comes unfolded. The house that we shot in was huge and absolutely beautiful…but for whatever reason there didn’t seem to be that much furniture in it (though I can kind of understand why since there are so many rooms!) I loved the pin up painting in the billiards room. Pin up and fine art nudes are the modeling types that I’ve been the best in. I’m surprised at how great the white dress looked on me. I’ll probably take it to Miami with me to wear at the nightclubs there.

Close & IntimateHere’s a video for all you closeup fans (which I’m not). Now I like a little pain with my sex (or masturbation) but that nipple clamp thing hurt like hell. I like my nipple clamps better…they are adjustable plus they vibrate! Personally I think I look retarded when I try to lick my nipples…nipples are supposed to be licked by others, not yourself (though if you are into that go right ahead.) I try to move my clit…can you see it?

My new fit figureI’ve been working my butt off trying to get in shape for the past few months now…and it really shows. I just wish I was as toned as I am now back when I did my first FTV shoot, then maybe I would’ve been voted number one instead of number two in the “favorite ftv models of summer 2008” vote 😉 But I know all of you will vote me number one for the favorite model of 2008. In a few more months I should look even better than I do now, yeah!

My interview RawSo you get to see the raw, mostly unedited version of my “Welcome” Video. The FTV photog had me say some lines over and over and over again in different locations, with different hairstyles, and in different clothing. Some of it is shot in the FTV house, some of it at the airport, some at an LA mall, and some in a cab ride. It was pretty fun…but I screwed up the lines quite a bit. The photog kept on complaining about me not being loud enough, but I was like do you really want me to be shouting out loud “Welcome to my site!?” And you can see me do a boob flash in the taxi…that’s pretty risky.

fashionable tease at the mall

In a super sexy purple dress and purple high heels I walk around a pretty busy sassy mall. I pick a cool spot and pose a little for the camera and give you some boob shots. Walking around the corner I do some more posing and boob flashing…then I raise up my skirt so you can see me “down there”. I go down the elevator and tease you a little by flashing my boobs and then go to a nice secluded area where I show you some more of myself “down there” almost getting caught!

Pretty Blue Spread

I head over to a nearby office building. I’m pretty nervous about people seeing me get undressed and changing into a different outfit so we head to the second floor where it doesn’t look busy. I take off my cute black polka-dot present dress and put on a summery brown, white and turquoise dress. I slip out of my black heels, and let you guys see my flinstone feet (at least they are manicured). I pose a little for the camera, letting you guys get a good look at my boobs and “down there” area. Playing around with my breasts I go over to the railing and let them dangle down over the edge (feeling really stupid btw), before we decided we got enough footage and it’s time to go. And in good time too because right as I was covering myself a guy peeked out one of the office doors!

Hard Breast Massage

Funny thing is I’ve never actually given myself a breast massage. That’s what guys or my gynecologist is for. So you guys get to see me stare at myself in a mirror while I lotion up my boobs and give them a nice hard breast massage. Since the photographer wanted to see me lick my boobs I went over to the sink to wash them off, because frankly lotion does not taste good. So hard breast massage… pretty self explanatory.

First Time Photoshoot

This is my first photoshoot that I did for First Time Video. We go to the main bedroom where I pose and act pretty for the camera…while some young photog in training takes pictures of me. We go downstairs and I take even more pictures, the photographer telling me “give me a little smirk” and “look sexy, give me a sexy look.” Yes…you guys get to see me play with my boobs again. I wonder if the photographer masturbated that night to the image of me.