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first time gangbang My first time gangbang for my site! This was shot with the GangbangCreampie crew. We worked out a content trade agreement (I shot a scene for them and a different scene that would go up on my site). Before the scene took place I was asked about how I wanted everything to go. I really hadn’t put too much thought into how I wanted it shot. I told the guys to just go with the flow and do what felt natural to them. I did end up getting a facial, mouth, pussy creampie, and tummy popshot). Overall I am very happy with how the scene went. I think you can tell that I really enjoyed myself.

danielle ftv first time bgb There is so much going on in this video…it’s absolutely insane! In this scene I call Santa’s Ho Ho Ho Escort Agency to hire two of Santa’s elves as a Christmas present to myself. There is a Christmas theme (as you can probably tell by the cover page) and it’s also my big update of the year. Originally we had planned on doing a facial pop shot but towards the end of the video I decided to do a double creampie (one in the butt and one in the pussy) instead. I think that is the first time I have ever had a double creampie anally and vaginally.

danielle ftv anal I was incredibly nervous about shooting this scene. James had seen some of my anal scenes with toys and wanted to do some anal toy play during the scene. He went through my anal toy box and saw a dog tail butt plug. We laughed about it and I told him that I had cat tail butt plugs as well which he wanted to see. When I had bought the cat tail butt plugs (I bought one in white and one in black) I also bought these anime cat ears and a pink collar with a bell on it (a bit similar to what a cat would wear). The white dress I wore went perfectly with the white cat tail butt plug, cat ears and pink collar so we decided to do a cat play scene.

first bgb threesome This is probably the most intense scene I’ve ever shot. It’s full of cocks, balls, hair pulling, and tit slapping … pretty much I’m at the mercy of two hot and horny guys which was a total turn-on. I’m pretty fucking happy I got to shoot my first bgb threesome with two guys I’m really attracted to – Bill Bailey and Tommy Pistol. I completely lose myself in this scene, focusing on the pleasure. I even loved gagging on their cocks until I couldn’t breathe. Rarely do I get to have crazy, intense sex like in this threesome video and it was perfect.

sex daniel hunter Sex with Daniel Hunter… my new favorite male talen. Not only is his name close to mine (bonus points), but he’s also attractive, funny and great “in bed”. Throw in his southern drawl accent and a girl could be entranced. He was quite late to the video shoot but it was totally worth it. We got along well and sex with him was downright amazing…

danielle ftv I hooked up with the sexy Giovanni Francesco for my Valentine’s Day shoot. I’ve had him on my “to do” list for years and finally contacted him a couple of months ago to shoot a scene with me. Because of a scheduling error I had two hardcore scenes in the same day, but Giovanni was totally professional about it. He was definitely more passionate and romantic than other b/g shoots I’ve had, with lots of lovely foreplay. 🙂 I was impressed.

danielle ftv pegging Okay, this is my first pegging video and I know some of you won’t be into it but it was Christian XXX’s idea. I play the jilted girlfriend (something that just happened in my real life) so I punish him by being an aggressive bitch and sticking a strap-on dildo in his ass. I got out a lot of my frustration on poor Christian but he asked for it. I got so power crazed and horny I ended up fucking him anyway, though I gave him a surprise ending…

danielle ftv interracial Yes my second interracial sex video, and this time Jovan has a HUGE cock. This is what BBC means, ladies. I was definitely not used to that size, and had some trouble fitting it in, especially doggy style. I don’t know how girls that love huge cocks do it. I felt like he could only fit 3/4 of it in me. Wow. I wanted this video up before Christmas but we had to reschedule. I got to experience Christmas again in January! And yes I did receive a BBC.

Danielle FTV does an anal sex video at Bang Bros as her alter-ego, Danielle Delaunay. It’s all double penetration with the help of a purple double ended dildo, and her ass welcomes cock or toy with equal enthusiasm. Eventually he pulls out and empties his ball sack all over her pretty face. Wow, Danielle just keeps getting naughtier and naughtier.

danielle ftv dirty sex video Tommy Pistol and I make a dirty sex video in this crazy BDSM cage, and it made be feel super slutty. I was wearing the perfect outfit for it. I did things I don’t normally do as I really got into it. We have some great sexual chemistry I think. Fans of dick gagging and sloppy blowjobs will like this video as much as I enjoyed making it. I even got into some dirty talk, which isn’t normally like me, but I enjoyed it too and want to do it more next time.

ftv girl danielle When I met Tommy Pistol I found out first hand how attractive he is (even better than his pictures) and how entertaining he is, so I offered to hire him for a shoot for my website. We went out the night before (not such a good idea) and had too much so we had to push the shoot back a day because of hangovers lol. Let me say the wait was worth it, Tommy Pistol was incredible. So much so I’m going to Los Angeles to do some more hardcore shoots with his photographer.

cum inside me I think this sex video really captures the chemistry that can happen between two people. I love watching Johnny Castle’s hard muscular body against my soft curvy one – it actually turned me on just watching it during editing. He actually ripped my top off and there was something about that primal act that was just incredibly erotic. I always read about that in romance books but having it done in real life is amazing and gets me really wet. Johnny Castle gave me a creampie finish and you can really see it dripping out of me.