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lesbian fisting jennifer white For the second part of the shoot with Jennifer White we tried some extra large anal toys and a strap on harness I’ve been wanting to use for ages now. These were all pretty thick which helped prepare me for the lesbian fisting in my pussy and ass. I love that I can cum by anal penetration alone. I’m still on a mission to try double anal fisting, and it shall happen someday, I promise!

anal play jennifer white I found Jennifer White while looking for a female talent that was attractive and did girl/girl anal play. After doing some research I was positive Jennifer would be more than willing to do the kinky things I had planned for the shoot – passionate kissing, boob play, 69, pussy eating, strap on anal, anal fisting, ass to mouth and a few other naughty things… It turned out beautifully! I love how our pale skins compliment each other.

hot wife rioAbout a month ago I was contact by Rio, another girl with her own website, asking me if I was interested in doing a scene together. Of course I was interested! She was very sweet and very cute, so we set it up at a hotel room. We chatted while waiting for the photographer and her husband was there too (!) They were both very nice, and I had a blast with her, even though I was unable to get off orally. But it was such a good time we set up another shoot for tomorrow. 🙂

Not much acting in this free lesbian video clip! It’s busty Danielle FTV and one of her kissing girlfriends totally going at it on the couch. Their first hurdle is getting those bras off! But with success comes reward, and they can then explore and kiss each others’ boobies. Danielle has big natural boobs, so the girlfriend has a good time playing with her fun bags. They make out some more before we see some pussy licking, but Danielle has been waiting for this so her love hole is swollen and wet. Very nice free lesbian video clip.

renna meets danielle ftv
Wow! I look like an Amazon next to Renna, even though I’m not wearing heels! Her skin is a bit darker than mine, so I got a quick spray tan before our date. So yes, I envy her skin, especially how it looks with her light colored eyes. Even the white dress she was wearing looked pretty against her tan skin. Technically I consider myself bisexual (maybe trysexual!) but I didn’t do all the oral “stuff” I wanted to do to Renna so she definitely needs to come back and shoot with me again. I can always do some sweet pussy eating with another girl but I felt like Renna and I had a good connection so it was even better.

girl on girl exploration Renna Ryann is the newest FTVCash contract star. She contacted me (I think on Twitter) about shooting with me which I was totally thrilled to do. This was the first set that we shot together (though I’m putting it as the second in the Renna Meets Danielle series.) I love Arizona but honestly shooting during the summer is a huge pain. I was sooo sweaty! Renna loved it though, saying that it was way more comfortable compared to the hot and humid Florida (where she lives) summers. There was a water fountain in the office courtyard where we were shooting and the whole time I kept on thinking that it would be a fabulous idea to shoot in the fountain A) because I’ve never done a fountain shoot before and B) it’s water and would probably cool me down. I remember having a member ask me to do a video log in a button shirt like the one I am wearing in this video with all the buttons undone. I figured that if he was requesting that for a video log then you guys would probably appreciate it in an actual update.

lesbian pussy play This is the first video update in the Renna Meets Danielle series (so far we’ve only shot three professional video updates but I’m hoping that she will come back over here to AZ and shoot with me again.) I would love to visit Florida to shoot with her too. And since she has so many girlfriends there then we could shoot together and get a ton of great content that I’m sure you guys would love. Since I live so close to the airport I ended up picking Renna. Apparently she had to wake up at like 5 in the morning which I thought was very admirable of her considering we were going to be shooting all day. She was such a trooper and had tons of energy which I think showed really well on camera. This was my favorite update out of the whole weekend. Renna is a pretty playful girl and I’m pretty goofy and playful myself so when you got us together for a fun shoot like this…well it turned out fantastic. Doing the double ended cucumber ride was interesting. For the first time ever I preferred being on top though so did Renna.

It was great meeting Sophia Knight. She originally came to Phoenix to shoot for FTV Girls and when I saw her submission pictures I begged FTVRob to let me do a girl/girl shoot with her. Unfortunately because of some shooting rule we couldn’t get really frisky like I wanted to, so we mainly just kissed and played with each other and ourselves. I absolutely loved her accent and especially her laugh. It’s one of those laughs that makes you naturally want to laugh with her. We ended up talking quite a bit. FTVRob was doing some car show with his Bugatti so I hung out with Sophia at the mall and we did a little shopping. I loved hearing about her job in Scotland. Apparently they have live sex line chat shows on the television and that’s what she does…how interesting!

taylor meets danielleTaylor is such a sweetie… and her boobs are gigantic. Personally I think they are even bigger than mine even though we both measure in at 36D’s. This video is mostly about our big boobs of course. I like it because I don’t often get to fool around with girls that have big boobs and natural ones are rare. I really love her bra and panty set. I bet she has hard time like I do finding sexy bras that fit. This was a very casual shoot for us. I’m wearing my pj’s since it was a lazy day for me and I just didn’t change when coming over to the FTV mansion to shoot. 🙂

Julia Meets DanielleWow…um…this was definitely an interesting experience for me. Actually it’s another one of the firsts! I’ve definitely never “milked” a girl before; not as easy as I thought it would be. She kept on trying to talk me through it, but after awhile when she saw I did not get the hang of milking her breasts, she just went ahead and did it herself. It’s a lot stickier than I thought it would be. And a lot clearer. I don’t know, I guess that when I imagined breast milk it was always like the milk you get out of the carton. BTW, Julia had GIGANTIC boobs…I mean good gawd, I’ve never seen anyone with boobs as big as hers (except for my mom.) The photographer kept on wanting me to taste the milk, but unfortunately I’m allergic to milk, so that was a no go.

Shana meets DanielleOMG…I have just discovered one of my dream girls! An Angelina Jolie look a like, Shana is super sexy. I think she is actually of Persian descent too, which makes it even hotter (not sure why, but foreign people are exotic.) We attempted to play topless soccer with this rink-a-dink ball that was half filled with air… didn’t do very well though. Cool thing is, both of us played soccer when we were kids. So later on, I got to go down on her… she was actually very tight down there. It was very surprising to feel her contractions when she was having her sexual climax. I think that is the first time I’ve actually ever felt someone having contractions on my fingers. It was awesome.

Danica meets DanielleIt’s not often that I get to fool around with someone taller than myself. FTV Danica was super tall (about 6 foot I think)….must be a Danish thing. I think it’s quiet funny the difference in skin colors. She must like the tanning beds. She had a very nice body, with nice firm boobs. She was a little too quiet in my opinion though….maybe she was just enjoying me too much ;). I guess my only complaint is that I didn’t get her to go down on me….I think it was because of lack of time or something like that. Oh well…maybe next time.