Bead to the Extreme

This is another of my more extreme updates. After FTV Rob stopped filming the “Beading in the New Year” video I started randomly inserting the mardi gras beads in me. I was kind of irritated because in the BitNY video I only managed to stick in two of the bead necklaces and I was hoping to get all ten bead necklaces in me. Not sure why we didn’t just shoot me stuffing all the beads in me the first time…I think I was having a hard time getting them in there in the position that I was in on the bathroom vanity countertop. Anyways, when I get it in my mind that I want to do something, well I kind of become obsessed. I managed to stuff nine of the bead necklaces in me (pretty much two handful of bead necklaces) and was wanting to stick the tenth in me but I lost it somewhere. Funny thing is I originally thought that I had put all ten beads in me and just miscounted so I was digging around in me trying to see if I had accidently left the tenth bead set in there lol.

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