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sexy military girlI got the idea of dressing up as a sexy military girl when I saw one of Holly Randall’s recent webcam shows, and it was just in time for Veteran’s day. I absolutely love the service outfits I bought for this shoot – one for each branch of the armed forces. It took a lot of internet shopping to find them all but I’m glad I did. Most of them fit well and really highlighted my curvy body. Like other girls I like uniforms and the men in them. 🙂

danielle ftv sexSo here’s Berney the latest male talent for me and my site. He’s much younger than I thought… he just turned 20. Wow! Definitely the youngest guy I’ve ever been with. Isn’t that odd? Usually they’re much older. Our first scene is a straight up hardcore romp in the bedroom with a deep creampie ending, but coming up soon is an adventurous ‘sex in public’ shoot and I can’t wait for that! That kind of excitement is a real turn on for me.