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shower sex James and I usually like to ‘wing it’ when doing our hardcore scenes, so sex in the shower was kind of a last minute idea. It was hot, but a bit of a pain. Not much room to move around, steamy glass windows, and not terribly comfortable. At least the cleanup is easy haha. It looks great in the movies though! We tried to capture that as best we could. Overall I think the shower sex was really steamy so I hope you enjoy it.

anal adventures I’ve been on an anal kick lately and have been almost obsessed with stuffing large objects into my butt hole. I’m building up to double anal penetration but I’m doing it on the down-low so I don’t screw up the video for you guys lol! I’m also testing an ‘anal dilator training kit’ that comes with 5 different butt plug sizes. I’m already up to the largest size so I’m eyeing my next conquest… I’m not sure what it’s called but it has 3 ‘balls’ stacked in increasing order. I haven’t made it to the largest ball (almost 9 inches!) but when I do you’ll all know. Then at some point I can do an anal fisting as well.