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danielle ftv analOkay, so first, shooting a sex video is hard. Shooting an anal sex video is doubly hard! I was so into the camera and the positions and the angles I didn’t enjoy myself as I usually do when having sex in my personal life. I want to do this again without all the distractions so I can really concentrate on the sex and how I’m feeling. Whew. I had to get that out. This is my first time anal video, but I promise it won’t be my last.

danielle ftv masturbatingI know lots of you guys love the masturbating videos so I made this one with that in mind and really enjoyed myself thinking of the horny cocks out there that will be watching. Sometimes fantasizing about strangers jerking off to me really gets me wet. Okay make that ALL the time. That’s one of the scenes from my ‘spank bank’ lol. I even did it in front of a fireplace for a romantic effect. The combination of the two made me really reach orgasm easily and I came very hard. Yum.

Not much acting in this free lesbian video clip! It’s busty Danielle FTV and one of her kissing girlfriends totally going at it on the couch. Their first hurdle is getting those bras off! But with success comes reward, and they can then explore and kiss each others’ boobies. Danielle has big natural boobs, so the girlfriend has a good time playing with her fun bags. They make out some more before we see some pussy licking, but Danielle has been waiting for this so her love hole is swollen and wet. Very nice free lesbian video clip.