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ftv girl danielleOops I meant to put this update out a few weeks ago as part of my BDSM video series. Sorry! Sometimes I procrastinate myself into trouble. I think it’s because I remember the dungeon we shot in as being insanely hot. I felt like I was cooking in an oven. At one point I was so aggravated I yelled at poor James who was supposed to be my captor. The candle wax probably didn’t help, but it was still very hot (no pun intended).

danielle ftvSometimes a girl just has to get off, you know? I busted out my trusted Hitachi wand and found a 40’s type of hotel to shoot in. I love staying in new places, AND I get to shoot a hot masturbation video for my site. How great is that? I tried not to be too loud ( don’t know if I had neighbors ) but I really really came hard with that vibrator. It has got to rank near the top of the favorites for every girl’s toy chest…

danielle ftv cum facialI thought a public sex shoot would be very sexy, but I soon found out how difficult it really is. We drove all around town trying to find a secluded office park that would be empty on a weekend. After almost an hour we finally found one. It was James first time in public so he kept looking around (haha newbie) but everything went okay. Well except for a blooper or two (you’ll see)! I don’t know what was with James that day but there was a lot of freaking cum on my face. I really didn’t know what to do so I started giggling lol.