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danielle ftv sex with a hairbrushI was originally going to do a hot masturbation scene in my new slinky pink chemise I got when I was in New York, but for whatever reason I decided to stuff my hairbrush inside of my pussy at the last minute. I had never done it before and thought it might be a little extra kink that some of you guys like. You’re always asking me to try new things, right? Well it stayed up inside me even when standing up so I guess I have a pretty tight vajayjay. 🙂

danielle ftv bondagePart two of my bondage lessons. I really loved the roleplaying I did for this shoot, willfully submitting to Master James and his desires and making my only thoughts to please him. I was especially happy when my dress came off – I could not believe how hot that dungeon got down there! It was a relief to finally have my clothes off and let everything hang out. I sucked his dick as best I could and I know he loved it but he flogged me anyway!