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danielle ftv hardcoreI’m really curious to see the comments on this video. Not only does James ditch the mask (he decided to be an adult film star) but he also takes a dominant role instead of just being a stunt cock. It’s just like ‘real’ sex I think. You know, the way I normally do it off camera. I wasn’t nervous and really was enjoying it. You can probably see that on my face. 🙂 I especially liked the hair pulling and sex from behind, two of my personal faves.

danielle ftv in corsetI really liked how this shoot turned out. I absolutely love the way I look in the black halter corset with the sexy glasses. I originally bought it for a sexuality class (we had to bring costumes to wear one time) and it was a good match for the new sex toy Anoree sent me. It’s a vibrating Fukoku glove. I had to press down hard on my vagina (I like lots of pressure) but it was plenty enough to make me orgasm. I hope you enjoy this Danielle FTV update as much as I did!