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danielle ftv swallows cumOkay so James, the guy, did not want his face in the videos so he ended up wearing a zorro type mask… which was kinda funny. Anyways, I plan on doing a hardcore sex video at least once a month for you guys, something different every time. For this one I wanted a cum in mouth scene. Everyone seems to like that. I don’t understand girls that spit though. I mean it’s already in there, so just swallow it. It didn’t even taste that bad, which is unusual because I normally don’t like the taste.

danielle ftv masturbatingI went into town today in my short skirt with no panties for shoot, and this masturbation video turned out to be a REALLY long shoot. I was in a semi-public spot and I kept hearing (imagining?) people walking close by the whole time, so I was on edge. But anywhoo, it all worked out. I love anal toys (my butt hole is super tight) so I was able to get off hard using double penetration toys right on the stairs. I hope nobody was nearby and heard me!

danielle ftv fountainIt’s getting really hot down here in AZ, but this scene wasn’t too bad because I was playing in the fountain (which was incredibly refreshing). I got lucky this time. The photographer and I never really plan where to shoot, we mostly drive around until we find an interesting place. Crazy I know, but it works. When I saw this huge fountain with nobody around (and no cameras!) I was more than willing to strip down and splash around. I also decided to put a condom on my popsicle and stick it inside of me. That was cold!