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danielle ftv masturbation themeI originally bought this outfit for a boyfriend who had a thing about tight white pants, but I never got to wear it for him. His loss! I thought that a black and white masturbation theme would be really cool for a shoot, so I hope you agree. I didn’t shoot in public this time because once the pants are off there’s no quick way to ‘cover up’ if someone comes by. Anyway, I have to mention the toy I was using had this weird removable spiky top thing that could be dangerous if you aren’t being careful with it. But everything turned out well, and I had a nice toe curling orgasm from the thing.

danielle ftv carrotsIt’s Easter time, and when I think of Easter, I think of rabbits… and carrots. Carrots are one of the few vegetables I can realistically stuff in myself so I knew I had to show you guys. I chose a few that weren’t too large but it was surprisingly hard to stuff all three carrots inside me. I was wearing this super cute shirt that says “I Get Around” but I didn’t wear it too long so you could see the good stuff. Yum.