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danielle ftv glassesThis object insertion video is probably one of the kinkiest shoots I’ve done yet. I haven’t seen any other videos with a girl stuffing glasses inside her! I was a little surprised this actually worked, too. I gotta admit the glasses pinched a bit going in, but that was okay. A little pain is worth it to get a crazy good video and photo set like this. The public location we shot at was deserted at that hour… until three bike riders drove by as I had my ass up in the air for some pictures! One of them did a double take but luckily none of them said anything. It was quite embarrassing. 😛

danielle ftv gone green Today’s shoot was at this outdoor mall with lots of secluded spots where I could flash my stuff. I loved it, but once in awhile other people would still walk through. Oops! The first area was on this outdoor balcony overlooking a few restaurants but after a few another lady came by. I hope she didn’t see anything! Our second area was this cool stairwell where I was able to masturbate even though there were plenty of people nearby just out of sight. I’m just glad we didn’t run into security this time!