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danielle ftv valentine's day On this Valentine’s Day I bought two different lingerie outfits and retreated to my red fairy room with the new bookshelf. I decided to show off my Valentine’s Day cards I’ve been collecting over the years and that romantic stuff puts me in the mood. Most are from my members/fans – which is very much appreciated! That day I also found my new favorite toy of all time and it definitely beats the Vibra King which used to be my favorite. 🙂 Hope you can watch my naughty learning experience.

busty schoolgirl I had a lot of fun acting like a silly schoolgirl in this video. It was shot at a public school that is adjacent to the park we do some shoots in. School was closed (obviously) but I felt like the people in the park that saw me walk over in my tiny plaid skirt knew exactly what we were up to! Now as much as I feel the whole schoolgirl thing is overplayed I actually really enjoyed shooting this. I think it turned out really cute. Especially my ponytail. 🙂