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danielle ftv public boobageYou’ve got to love the weekends! It’s the best time for public nudity shoots since most office buildings downtown are empty and you can run amok. I wore a slinky dress and shoes that were just a little too tight. My hair color is also a little different for this update. We ended up outside a bank where I lifted up my dress and masturbated with my toy and fingers until I came. There was a landscaper nearby I hope he didn’t see too much!

Danielle FTV office masturbation
The place where I live is surrounded by lots of really nice office buildings, so we’ve been shooting in them these last few shoots (preferably early or late when nobody is around). The white dress I’m wearing out in public is slightly see through, so I was a little nervous walking outside my apartment wondering if I would run into any neighbors! No problems though. Well, except that I forgot the toy I brought was scented, so you’ll see me making a funny face when I put it in my mouth. Lol yuck!

danielle ftv orgasmsAfter not being satisfied in the last video I decided to dedicate this one to the biggest orgasm I could make. I found a comfy place in my home and put my hair up so you could see my face when I did orgasm. My home is usually dark (the way I like it) so I had to open the blinds a bit to get some light in. I even used an anal toy in this video – I tend to have stronger orgasms with an anal toy when masturbating. I think it worked quite well.