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This HD video came out great! The lighting was really good and it showed everything clearly when I masturbated with the corn on the cob. I tried to buy the thinnest one possible but apparently it wasn’t thin enough. I almost got the whole thing in my pussy but really, it wasn’t too comfortable. Does this count as ‘extreme’? For me it was very extreme! Rubbing it against my clit felt amazing though. The bumpy texture was something new and I really enjoyed it. Little pieces of lint kept coming off my dress and would end up around my pussy. It was rather annoying! There was a headdress that came with the costume but I honestly didn’t think it looked good on me so I skipped it. My dog Love Bug was adorable in her little costume, she likes dressing up as much as I do!

danielle ftv orgasmAnother down and dirty update for you guys! This day I was feeling really extra horny (normally I’m just horny all the time) and I wanted to cum so I grabbed a favorite vibrator and lifted my dress up in one of the spare rooms. I didn’t even bother taking my clothes off, or heels either. It turns out I had one of the strongest orgasms on camera so far! I usually have strong orgasms when I masturbate (which you can really see on my webcam shows) but this one blew them away. Not sure why but it did. This video update was shot by the new FTV Girls photographer/videographer so maybe HE had something to do with it heh.

busty queen Yes, I’m a queen! Lol. I really enjoyed this shoot, because I’m totally obsessed with the Tudor and Elizabethan era. I got to play dress up as one of my favorite historical figures (Anne Boleyn). She was King Henry VIII’s second wife and he had her beheaded. The costume was custom made for me. I was a little worried but everything seemed to fit well enough but I didn’t know they’d cover up my boobs so much. I thought they’d be heaving out the top but I guess I need a corset for that. The shoot location worked well for this theme, and I loved the ivy covered wall outside the house. My favorite part of the costume was the crown of course. 🙂