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Here’s a little treat for you guys. It’s me and Lia 19 playing naughty Rock Band! I really like this video because I had a blast playing the game, even though I’m not very good. I wanted to make it fun for you guys too, so our boobs are out, and you can see right up our dresses. Woohoo!

busty danielle ftv One of my fans sent me a package with nipple clamps, clothespins, and strangely enough, vintage cartoon porn! I actually quite enjoy watching it. 🙂 He knows I like nipple clamps on my nipples, but he wanted me to try the clothespins on my pussy lips too, which was… interesting. I got a kick out of doing it though. The video is a bit shaky, but I think it’s because I was hungry and had too much caffeine, not from the pain. Since I was trying something new, I tried a new hairstyle and some new clothes (orange!). I hope he enjoys this update, just for him (and everyone else, of course!). I’m keeping the nipple clamps and clothespins in case I decide to auction off some of my personal items for you guys, heh.

renna meets danielle ftv
Wow! I look like an Amazon next to Renna, even though I’m not wearing heels! Her skin is a bit darker than mine, so I got a quick spray tan before our date. So yes, I envy her skin, especially how it looks with her light colored eyes. Even the white dress she was wearing looked pretty against her tan skin. Technically I consider myself bisexual (maybe trysexual!) but I didn’t do all the oral “stuff” I wanted to do to Renna so she definitely needs to come back and shoot with me again. I can always do some sweet pussy eating with another girl but I felt like Renna and I had a good connection so it was even better.