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hardcore pussy sex Here is the remaining video to the “Glimpse of the Past” video. This one is ALL sex…so it should make some of you who have been asking for more sex videos happy. I originally wanted to put this video in the candid video section of my website since it is so short and wasn’t shot by my main photographer/videographer but I realized that A) I’m a perfectionist and need to calm down a bit and B) honestly you guys probably don’t mind all that much. I’m still trying to remember the guys name in the video. I honestly think this is the first time in my life that I don’t remember the name of the person I’ve had sex with (I rarely do one night stands so of course stuff like that doesn’t happen to me.) I don’t have any of the pictures from the shoot so I ended up having to use the FTVGirls picture of me wearing the same dress (like I did with the other part of this video.)

danielle ftvI got the shoot name from my mom when I came over to her house a couple of weeks ago with my hair done the same way and wearing the same dress. I love being compared to an “Earth Goddess” or “fairy/nymph”! My dress is actually the same color as my puppy Love Bug right now (I had her dyed purple for my birthday.) FTVRob was telling me that my boobs are looking bigger than they were which is totally awesome. I wouldn’t mind being a 38DD. I realized when looking up what vegetable I was using that the name for the summer squash video I did last year is completely wrong. I named it “Zucchini Treat” when it’s really a summer squash (though in my defense I actually wasn’t the person who thought up this name…it was FTVRob and I had no idea in the first place what I was stuffing in me.)