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Danielle FTV takes a cum facialThis is one of my very first hardcore videos shot even before the “Big Breast Amateur Girls #12” video in 2008. Honestly I can’t remember the male talent’s name but he was pretty cute but very young. I think it was kind of awkward for the both of us considering neither one of us was very experienced in any adult work. This video was shot by a contributing photographer / videographer… the same guy who shot the hardcore content for FTVX which you can now see on FTVGirls and who shot the BBAG video too. You might recognize the dress the I am wearing in this video as one of the dresses I wore in my original FTV update. I still have that dress and should probably sell it since I haven’t really worn it since that shoot. I love the facial scene at the end. I totally flinched when the cum came flying at my face….though I’m sure any person would flinch if they saw something flying right at them.

For my birthday update I was all gung-ho about doing a squirting video (though to be honest I wasn’t planning on doing it in the first place…FTVRob suggested I do it and I agreed that it would be a great idea.) Anyhoo, this shoot (and two of my other video/photo shoots that day) was assisted by two of my members (Geezer and T-Bone Thomas). I didn’t end up squirting and I think that is because A) I’ve never done it before in front of real people (though I did it on a webcam show), B) I wasn’t all that mentally prepared for it, and C) I didn’t have the toy that I normally use which is a rubber (I think it’s rubber) hand shaped toy that hits my g-spot perfectly! For this shoot I had clothes made. A bra (which was a large but was still way to small for me) with the letter “D” in rhinestones. A pair of panties with “Danielle’s 22nd” on the butt, and some black yoga stretchy pants that also said “Danielle’s 22nd” on the butt in rhinestones.