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Resort Dare So this shoot is covering a few different fetishes. For those of you who love seeing glasses, hair down there, very tall, strappy heels, and/or public nudity and masturbation then here’s your shoot. I finally got my Dior glasses (one of the most expensive things I own…my mom actually picked them out for me since I was getting frustrated by the vast amount of glasses I had to choose from.) The dress I got from an ex boyfriend a couple years ago. It’s nice because it’s really easy to slip your boobs in and out of. The shoes I got a couple of months ago from Bebe. They are by far my favorite shoes. And they are incredibly tall (I think like 5″ tall) so it’s kind of hard to walk around in them. It was pretty windy when we were shooting so the part were I’m masturbating on the golf cart is very noisy. We got caught a couple of times (hence why FTVRob doesn’t like shooting at this resort.)

I didn’t realize that when I picked out the pink shirt to wear for my shoot that I had already worn in before in another shoot. I’ve really only worn it once before (for the Splash and Squirt video) and I’ve never worn it in public. I really prepared for this shoot since I knew it was going to be my most public shoot of the year (or at least so far this year.) I got airbrush tanned the night before so I am definitely looking WAY darker than I normally do. When I was looking at some of the pictures from this shoot I noticed a couple spots that are a bit darker than the rest of my body (like my vajayjay.) I also grew out my pubic hair for this shoot since I’ve gotten quite a few requests for hairy shoots. Nobody seemed all too bothered about my walking around with my boobs out and I got caught so many times when I was completely naked…it was kind of embarassing!