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It’s always funny when I have all my outfits planned out for a shoot and then my photographer/videographer tells me that we should shoot in what I arrived in. I absolutely love my Victoria’s Secret “Pink” lounge pants. So far they are the most comfortable pants I own. The only thing I don’t particularly care about is the sequins above the butt and that’s only when I’m sleeping and the top comes unfolded. The house that we shot in was huge and absolutely beautiful…but for whatever reason there didn’t seem to be that much furniture in it (though I can kind of understand why since there are so many rooms!) I loved the pin up painting in the billiards room. Pin up and fine art nudes are the modeling types that I’ve been the best in. I’m surprised at how great the white dress looked on me. I’ll probably take it to Miami with me to wear at the nightclubs there.

I’ve got to admit, using a bottle of Guinness to stuff inside me for St. Patrick’s day was a brilliant idea. I mean St. Patrick’s day is all about drinking…and Guinness is an Irish beer so it just seemed perfect to me. I have absolutely no idea what I will do for my next St. Patty’s day shoot (I’ve already run out of ideas.) I will probably end up using some green toy again like I did last year. I also noticed that they really don’t have all that many St. Patrick’s day costumes (kind of like Easter.) I had these cute little green bows that came with the costume accessories but decided to just use the headband. I guess I’ll have to use the bows next year. I also bought green clover nipple pasties that I was planning on using this year but ended up deciding against it. There was this weird white capsule thing in the bottle that I couldn’t figure out how to get out. I just looked it up and apparently it is called a “widget”.

I’m so excited…my first “secretary” look. I’m sure you guys are going to totally dig it. I’ve gotten a ton of requests to do a secretary type shoot so here y’all go. I didn’t wear my glasses this time because the prescription on them are all screwy. I’m actually getting new Dior glasses so I will be sure to wear them next time I do a shoot like this. I really liked the office building we shot at. They had the prettiest fountains and a lot of hidden corners to shoot in. This was one shoot that I wasn’t scared of getting caught doing. It’s also good that we ended when we did because the sky was getting all cloudy and dark, and FTVRob hates shooting in that type of weather.