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So I’m finally using the purple lingerie that I bought with T-Bone’s gift (a Victoria’s Secret giftcard). This is one of my first shoots with my hair being super, super blonde. Actually thinking about it now, you guys probably see a lot of hair color changes with me. I tend to get my hair colored every month and always like to change it up when I go in. I’m probably going to keep it this color for awhile or maybe go a little lighter. So anyways back to the video, I really wanted to do a facial video, but since I’m not super experienced with…well hardcore in general I didn’t realize that the best facial shots are when the guy is above you not lying down. I mean gravity kicks in and the cum ends up more on your hands than your face. Oh well…it’s a learning process for me, and one that you guys get to experience with me!

I seriously come up with some of the coolest “stuffing/insertion” ideas ever! I love searching all over the internet and in stores to find the most interesting things I can use for my updates, that haven’t really been seen before. I originally found these marbles that had hearts in the middle but I lost the link to it. I ended up going with these glass hearts which I think is just as cool. This shoot was definitely more difficult than most of the shoots I’ve done before. The photographer/videographer had a heck of a time trying to get enough light inside of me so we could get clear shots. This is my second time doing a speculum scene (the first was for my original FTV Girls shoot and didn’t turn out to well because of lighting issues.) I ended taking out and putting in the speculum like a dozen times which ended up kind of irritating me inside down there. Looking at my cervix you can definitely see that it’s irritated, but with all the weird positions and the glass hearts I was stuffing in me what could I expect. I’m not going to lie…I like everything in the video other than looking at my cervix. That really should probably be kept for the doctor. BTW….not sure if this would be considered another extreme update (I’ll probably put it as that) but I did end up putting 18 glass hearts in me.

It was great meeting Sophia Knight. She originally came to Phoenix to shoot for FTV Girls and when I saw her submission pictures I begged FTVRob to let me do a girl/girl shoot with her. Unfortunately because of some shooting rule we couldn’t get really frisky like I wanted to, so we mainly just kissed and played with each other and ourselves. I absolutely loved her accent and especially her laugh. It’s one of those laughs that makes you naturally want to laugh with her. We ended up talking quite a bit. FTVRob was doing some car show with his Bugatti so I hung out with Sophia at the mall and we did a little shopping. I loved hearing about her job in Scotland. Apparently they have live sex line chat shows on the television and that’s what she does…how interesting!