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Wow…I went crazy with the screen shots this time. This was a fun video to make so I’ve course I’m going to make tons of screen shots for it. I wanted to do something kind of kinky for New Years. I saw Mardi Gras beads that said “2010” on them and all of a sudden thought it would be great to stuff them inside me for my New Years shoot. Unfortunately the beads weren’t in stock so I ended up having to get plain black and silver beads (which is probably a good thing since I’m sure the 2010 beads would have hurt.) I could only find a couple New Years theme costumes. Hopefully next year I will find more!

This video is too cute! I like the sexy costume I wore…but I wish that I had taken off that white shrug thing for some of the shoot (I think it makes my shoulders look big.) My dancing skills aren’t all that great when I’m in heels dancing on the carpet, but hey it was fun anyways. I absolutely love Christmas carols, and you guys can actually hear one of my favorite songs in the video (the chipmunk song.) I ended up buying a window background decoration after I saw that it had Santa peeking through the window (hehe pervy Santa.) It’s funny how much effort I put into my theme/holiday shoots. I probably spend more money on holiday costumes than I do on regular clothes.

Hiding the PurpleThis is my first ever panty stuffing professional video (I’ve done it two other times on my webcam show…another reason why you should join me when I’m doing my webcam shows) and I definitely hope to do more. I thought it was a lot of fun to do. The purple panties that I chose were a tad bit too big to be stuffing in me but oh well, I still managed to fit them in there. You can probably tell what my favorite color is just by looking at what I’m wearing. I absolutely love that purple skirt and am so happy that I finally got to shoot in it. I think it was also my first time wearing those black ballet flats. I actually got a request to wear ballet flats so that’s why I chose to wear those with the outfit. Notice all the pussy juice that is all over my panties when I pull them out. That was pretty hot!