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splash and squirtNo this isn’t my squirting video…but it’s close enough! I’ve always wanted to try playing with a water hose ever since assisting Emily’s FTVGirls shoot. I absolutely love my pink top that I was wearing. That is actually the first time I’ve ever worn that top and I’ve had it for several years now. This is definitely one of my favorite sets so far, mainly because I just had so much fun doing it. It was pretty crazy how far I could push the water out of me. When I later told my friends about this they made fun of me a little bit because of how excited I was about it. They also questioned me about how sanitary it was, saying something about bugs crawling up into the hose…but I doubt anything other than water got up there…or should I say down there lol!

Native American StyleI’ve got to admit… some of the toys that I find are pretty hilarious. I found a ‘corn on the cob’ vibrator more than three months ago and just had to buy it for my Thanksgiving update. Of course it wasn’t strong enough (I haven’t really found a “novelty” adult toy that is powerful enough for me.) I had a difficult time trying to get off and unfortunately in the end I wasn’t able to (grrr!). Oh well… but I definitely think this video turned out really well though. I was surprised how good the Indian girl costume looked on me. I was only able to see a few pictures of it online and since there weren’t any reviews or comments about the costume I wasn’t really sure how it would fit and look… but it came out great!

Going Retro I feel like a real old time superstar in this super cute dress, rockin’ white sunglasses and sexy white heels. Maybe it’s just me but I think my ass may be getting bigger (not that I’m complaining or anything.) Playing with myself was a little funny because I kept trying to masturbate but there was this damn fly that wouldn’t stop buzzing around me and so I ended up having to go inside to finish… it was pretty hot outside anyways. I really love this location, unfortunately this is the last video update from that house… but there will be many more amazing ones to come I’m sure. Notice I didn’t have my nose ring in for this shoot (but it is still pierced for those nose piercing fans.) It’s just nice to change things up a bit every once in awhile.