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The Infamous TenThe infamous FTV Big Ten Toy (notice the capitals…that’s how infamous it is!) I’m amazed I was able to take it as deep as I did, especially since I haven’t been with anybody THAT big and I definitely don’t use any toys that are that large. I’m kind of like Goldilocks, I like it not too big and not too small lol. I’m not going to lie, I was rather sore afterwards (and a little during the filming of it) but the show must go on, as they say. It wasn’t too bad… it hit all the right parts down there and if it had been a little smaller (like six inches or so!) I probably could have made myself squirt with it (that is if I were comfortable enough to squirt in front of the photographer.) Doing it doggy style against the wall was a bit difficult… I couldn’t find a position that worked perfectly for me.

Halloween ImpalementMy first official Halloween update (which really should be my second, but I wasn’t able to do one last year). This sexy costume was actually the costume that I used to the Nocturnal festival in September. My actual Halloween costume this year is a gladiator girl/warrior girl costume. I will have to do a professional shoot in it sometime though you will be able to see a preview in the candid picture section. I thought the wig was rather cute (kind of an anime Alice in Wonderland)… and it made me feel really hot. It kept getting messed up so I ended up having to fix it a lot during the shoot (I took it off an hour or so into the Nocturnal festival because of that and the heat problem.) I had actually bought the fuzzy white gogo boot covers for the costume but never wore them…they are still sitting at the bottom of my closet!

Stuck on OrangeUm…wow! I never realized how tight my pussy was, if I did I probably wouldn’t have gotten this mandarin orange stuck inside me. I won’t be trying this experiment again without serious help! This shoot was definitely casual, I’m in only a super cute purple top and my new white panty and bra set. This is the only set where I’m wearing full bottom undies (should do more sets like this since I think they look cute on me.) I received a request to do a shoot in my nose hoop (which I was planning on doing anyways). My hair was not looking great IMO. I probably should have straightened it but we were a little rushed for time.