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Yummy Glass Ball I never used this glass toy before so I decided to play with it for this shoot. I like to match my toys to my outfits (like I do shoes to clothes) and strangely black dresses are difficult to find toys for. I figured the only toys that go well with a black dress are metallic toys or glass toys. I love this particular dress except I can’t figure out for the life of me what type of sexy bra goes with it. I mean honestly I really couldn’t wear the bra that I was wearing for this shoot out in public…it shows way too much. I was pretty wet and juicy in this video too. One of the good things about clear glass toys is that you can see all the pussy juice on it.

Spunky in RetainersMy first time ever wearing my retainers on camera (well actually retainer since I was only wearing my top one…I think I speak funny with the bottom one in). I thought it would look cutish with my colorful outfit. I actually bought that shirt for a rave that I never even went to. It would’ve been great if I went to the rave and people had really given me $0.25 for a hug (I can totally see that happening.) I was a little clumsy in this shoot (must have been the heat!) I must have stumbled into things four different times. It was so hot that day that several times on the video you can see beads of sweat on my big boobs. I don’t remember if I got off in this video… I needed something else…not a toy.

taylor meets danielleTaylor is such a sweetie… and her boobs are gigantic. Personally I think they are even bigger than mine even though we both measure in at 36D’s. This video is mostly about our big boobs of course. I like it because I don’t often get to fool around with girls that have big boobs and natural ones are rare. I really love her bra and panty set. I bet she has hard time like I do finding sexy bras that fit. This was a very casual shoot for us. I’m wearing my pj’s since it was a lazy day for me and I just didn’t change when coming over to the FTV mansion to shoot. 🙂