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Princess in PurpleI should have called this episode “Blame It On Dallas”. I was trying so hard to get my pussy off but I couldn’t for the life of me. I’m blaming it on Dallas (a nick of one of my girlfriends). We tend to get naughty with each other sometimes and I’m usually worn out the next day. But then yet again, it could be those funky diet pills that I was using then. I was taking the pills during the Sybian marathon shoot and I remember it took me a long time to get off then. We shot this video set in the same location as the “Tuscan Treasure” scene. It’s an absolutely beautifully home and I think it is a great addition to amazing locations I’ve shot at. I went insane on the screenshots this time… made 45 of them for you!

Sybian SexFor those of ya’ll that want a longer masturbation video…well here it is! It took me a long time to get myself off on this thing (I think mainly because of the crazy diet pills I was taking at the time.) It’s been forever since I’ve rode on a Sybian so I had to move around quiet a bit and figure out the vibration/rotation dials to find my perfect “setting”. I discovered I don’t have the prettiest sex face (I look like I’m trying to work out a really hard math problem lol)… I’ll have to try working on my expressions when I’m masturbating hehe. The Sybian was almost like a workout for me too. I was sweating so hard by the end! You can see the sweat glistening all over my face, back, and ass. I think it looks kind of sexy though, don’t you? 🙂

Banana HeavenI can honestly state this is the first time I’ve ever given some oral sex to a banana (I prefer pickles :D). I think this video scene is pretty sexy especially the position I’m using on the table where I’m laying down (though it definitely was not comfortable at all.) I wonder if any rabbits or little rascals ended up eating the banana after I threw it away. What a tasty treat for them! Perhaps you’ll notice I’m wearing the bra and panty set that I wore in my first FTV Girls update…personally I don’t really like it, but I think the color went well with the banana and outdoor location (very pretty.)