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Trip to 10,000 feetFor those of you who don’t know (which included me for a short while) Maui does have a place that requires warm clothing….Haleakala crater, located at 10,000 feet. Yah, it’s freezing cold up there, especially when you are wearing almost nothing except for a t-shirt and short shorts. Boy, did I get a lot of funny looks walking around in just that. It was pretty awesome seeing how the landscape differed from 1,000 ft to 5,000 ft to 10,000 ft. I actually saw cacti at one point (and I thought the whole reason you took a vacation was to see something different ;).) I enjoyed taking pictures in the fog….wish I could’ve gotten more of those. And they had a lot of cute cows wandering about, being scared away by a crazy white girl trying to pet them.

Shana meets DanielleOMG…I have just discovered one of my dream girls! An Angelina Jolie look a like, Shana is super sexy. I think she is actually of Persian descent too, which makes it even hotter (not sure why, but foreign people are exotic.) We attempted to play topless soccer with this rink-a-dink ball that was half filled with air… didn’t do very well though. Cool thing is, both of us played soccer when we were kids. So later on, I got to go down on her… she was actually very tight down there. It was very surprising to feel her contractions when she was having her sexual climax. I think that is the first time I’ve actually ever felt someone having contractions on my fingers. It was awesome.

Security ConsciousThis video shoot was actually a lot of fun to do, even though we got caught so many times. I got to meet one of my fans (he drove up all the way from Tucson just to watch the shoot.) And one of my favorite photographers, Tate, also helped with the shoot. There is quite a bit of video of the photo shoot too but it’s still pretty darn sexy, especially if you like public nudity. I still can’t believe how crazy that sales lady got when she found out I was doing this in “her store”. She totally flipped out on me and I really thought she was going to call the cops. I think she must have peeked and seen me through the slots on the dressing room door when I was masturbating!

Raindrop MasturbationSo the day that we were supposed to do the Haleakala shoot, it rains on us. Well I’ve always wanted to do a rain shoot (kind of like the ones Lia and Alison did when they were in Hawaii.) I guess for some reason I thought that Maui rain would be warmer than normal rain (don’t know where I got that idea in my head, maybe just because I rarely see rain living in the desert and all.) It’s good at least because the cold rain made my boobs all cold, which in turn makes them even perkier and makes my nipples hard (which always looks really hot on camera.) At one point I had a very large white spider crawling on my boob (had to take a short break because of that.)