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D.P. in the RainMy first time ever trying double penetration vaginally. The toys unfortunately didn’t get as deep inside as I would like them too (they were actually a lot bigger than they look on camera). Not sure exactly what I was thinking when I picked them out….probably just thought they looked nice with my outfit. Next time I will definitely have to try something smaller. Anyways, this is the first time ever wearing this skirt out in public. My ex-boyfriend bought it for me actually. I always thought the clothes he bought me were too “hippy” looking, but when I actually looked at this skirt I decided it actually looked sophisticated. The photographer kept on commenting that I was going for the “goth” look…um no.

Bunny Rear ShakeI bought this sexy bunny costume and furry rabbit tail butt plug just for Easter. Funny thing is Alison also did a little dance video in the same bunny costume (though she didn’t have my awesome butt plug.) I felt like a complete idiot dancing around in it…feathers kept on flying off everywhere and was getting stuck to my shoes. Personally I don’t think I’m that great of a dancer and it’s always a little weird dancing by yourself, on video. But I still looked cute! The butt plug was huge! I’ve never taken a butt plug that big before. I was worried the bunny tail would get stuck in my butt, but it didn’t.

Danica meets DanielleIt’s not often that I get to fool around with someone taller than myself. FTV Danica was super tall (about 6 foot I think)….must be a Danish thing. I think it’s quiet funny the difference in skin colors. She must like the tanning beds. She had a very nice body, with nice firm boobs. She was a little too quiet in my opinion though….maybe she was just enjoying me too much ;). I guess my only complaint is that I didn’t get her to go down on me….I think it was because of lack of time or something like that. Oh well…maybe next time.

Resort To Fun

The photographer decided to film me a bit while I was having lunch, studying Italian (which I have since dropped). Not sure why, but I went with it. You guys get to see how I try to keep myself in shape (by eating my rabbit food)…key word TRY. Most of the time I was off eating croissants and cheese. It was quiet amusing every time I would try to flash my boobs somebody would walk by (normally a house wife who I do not want to upset.) I did a few cartwheels (though I haven’t done any in awhile, so they kind of suck) and did the splits in the air (reminiscent of my cheerleading days.) The point where I was running towards the camera giving a kiss, there was a ton of people who saw me with my boobs out. The photographer was cracking up about that.

Leprechaun LoverIt’s to bad that I’m not 21 yet (another two months to go) because I would totally be going out to the bars in this sexy leprechaun outfit. I bought a cute glittery green hat to go with it, but it would not stay on my head correctly. I absolutely love the shoes that I wear with this outfit….kind of looks like a sexy green version of Dorothy’s (Wizard of Oz) shoes. Unfortunately I can’t see myself wearing these out in public. I even bought a cute green vibrator to go with the whole green/St Patrick’s Day theme. It fit inside me just right (except the bottom poked out just a little.)

Zeba meets DanielleYep…the most popular Zeba comes back, just to fool around with me. Just kidding, she didn’t really come back just to fool around with me, she also came back to do her return shoot for FTV. I got to hang out with her all day, and be her assistant during her shoot, so in return I asked her to help fist me. She has fairly small hands, so all of us thought we could manage it. Notice that we are both wearing the same dress, just in different colors. We were both very amused by the fact that we own the same clothing. So anyways, Zeba tried fisting me…and I could’ve sworn that she got it all the way in, but I guess it was only a semi-fist. Oh well, guess I will continue my search for a girl with very small hands.

Beach BlondeAt a local beach in Maui, I’m wearing my sexy black bikini and sheer coverup. BTW, this is not a nude beach…just so you know. But the funny thing is there was actually a naked couple down the beach, just swimming around, tanning their already too tanned skin. I got more stares than they did though :D. The was pretty bright that day, so most of the video I am probably squinting a lot. There were actually quiet a few old people walking around, I’m sure the men were very happy (at least that’s what I assume from the smiles on their faces.) I guess the only people who weren’t happy with me being nakey was these two girls…but they weren’t that good looking anyways!

Cupid likes AnalMy first ever Valentine’s Day video shoot for my site…how exciting! I bought this cute cupid outfit like a in January (along with St Patrick’s Day and Easter costumes.) I also bought a special toy that I thought would go perfect with the whole Valentine’s day theme….pink anal beads with a heart at the very end. The costume was kind of difficult to get on. I had to keep adjusting it the whole shoot. So anyways I did anal/vaginal double penetration for the first time ever on video. The photographer was actually pretty impressed because he said I was the first girl ever to stuff the anal beads all the way inside me past the last bead. It wasn’t very hard. Funny thing is I’m not all that into anal sex, but anal toys on the other hand are a lot of fun (when I’m in the mood.)

Personal Exotic DancerMy first time ever on a stripper pole…I definitely had a lot of fun. It wasn’t as tall as I expected it to be (and trust me, I would know…I’ve seen A LOT of stripper poles 😉 .) I also finally get to use this outfit that has been sitting in my closet for over two years now. The “stripper room” had an Arabian theme to it…very cool. I’ve thought about doing an Arabian Nights theme in my apartment and this is definitely what I would want it to look like (except without the stripper pole…I’m not sure that the apartment management would like me nailing down stripper poles in their properties.) Anyways I dance to one of the most seductive songs ever, a song that is on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack…so hot!

Paige meets DanielleI had an awesome time with Paige. I had been assisting her FTV shoot and didn’t think she was into girls so when I found out she was, I was super excited! So for all you guys that wanted to see me with a more “mature” girl, here you go. She had the cutest southern accent and kept on saying things like “bless your heart”. The FTV guy has been wanting to do a shoot in the closet for some time now (for what reason I don’t understand). Personally I think everything looks a little too “blue”…but I’m sure that is not what you guys will be focusing on 😉

The Big PinkAnother first time for me… FTV’s Big Pink. And now I know why they call it the “Big Pink”, because it’s huge. It’s about as large as the largest penis I’ve ever had (except not as malleable…. I think that’s the right word.) So anyways, it was fun to experiment with it, but there was no way that I was going to be able to get off only using it. I mean, I probably could’ve gotten off by using it and a vibrator on my clit, but honestly, that would probably be too much to “focus” on. So I end up using a cute little bejeweled pocket rocket, which does the job for me just fine.