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Orgasm in BlackAwesome…I finally get to shoot in this ruffly (yes, a made up word) black sweater made by Betsy Johnson. Personally I think I look like a French hooker in this, but it’s definitely still hot! And for once I actually have my hair up, instead of my typical straight hair. I was actually super horny and was so ready to go again after my first orgasm…but mean Rob told me we needed to wrap up the shoot. Complete b.s. if you ask me…I mean who tells a girl that they need to stop masturbating? At least I got to go again when I got home 🙂

Leslie meets DanielleSo I get to mark off one of the kinky things on my “to do” list….fisting! Though honestly, it was more of a half fist, but like I said I have to work up towards a full fist. This was shot quite a bit ago, as you can probably tell when looking at my hair color and weight….but it’s still one of my best girl-girl shoots to date. Leslie was cute, and we had a lot of fun hanging out together. I wonder what she thinks of our experience together? That was my first time using that weird pink toy…not as big as the Big Pink, but it was still pretty big.

Christmas StuffingMy very first Christmas video for my site….how exciting! And definitely not my last. Ugo’s “I Love You” stuffed animal even makes an appearance. Since I could not find a Christmas outfit anywhere I bought these frilly red undies, a cute white bra, striped penguin toe socks, and super cute Abominable snowman slippers (which Rob didn’t seem to care for very much.) I kept on trying to figure out something kinky to do for my very first Christmas video and thought of Christmas ornaments. Very pretty ornaments they are too!

Your dream come trueHaha…killed two birds with one stone (stockings and anal.) Finally for all you stocking fans (especially the white stockings fans) here you go….your dream come true. I try to talk seductively/dirty but I’m sure it just sounds retarded…as usual. For my first time ever on camera I do anal penetration. Next step is double penetration! And then triple, and then quadruple (now if I can do that I’m sure I can manage fisting too).

Fantasize up my SkirtWalking around flashing boobs…. oh what a great job I have! Though it’s not so great when I get caught…then it’s just embarrassing. I ride the escalator up and down, and up and down so that we can get “good shots”. What is up with me riding things up and down, over and over again? Some mean old ladies decided to interrupt my shoot by planting their meanness at a nearby table. Ladies if you want to watch, buy a membership to my site…like everyone else.

Brynn meets Danielle #3Another first for me….”scissoring” a girl. Pretty exciting, hot lesbian stuff…though definitely takes awhile for you to get off doing this. Too much work in my opinion. Rob kept complaining about the differences between our skin tones…yes I am a whitey…and yes I know I need to go get a MysticTan (no tanning bed for me…I burn way too much.)

Brynn meets Danielle #2More Brynn/Danielle action….oh baby! For the first time in my life my boobs get slapped (I seem to have a lot of firsts lately.) Pretty fun stuff…though my boobs jiggle more than hers 🙂 We go back and forth, going down on each other as you can see from the hot videos inside.

Brynn meets Danielle #1Brynn baby, I love you! Brynn was totally awesome. I met her during the Playboy tv E-Rotic shoot on FTV. She is now a super porn star, doing the naughty on camera, and now with me! She has a talented tongue that gets put to use on me (thank gawd…cause it’s been awhile.) She is also a very, very good kisser.

The VibraqueenYes…I am the queen of the VibraKing. My new favorite toy (that is until I find a better one.) This sucker can make me cum within a minute…that is with no cameras or people around…and I’ve timed it so I know. Can you people see any contractions?

Modeling in the RainSo let’s see…we go to a university and I’m flashing my boobs, riding the elevator up and down, up and down (gawd what I do in the name of art!) then we decide to take some pretty pictures next to the pretty fence when all of a sudden we get rushed by huge 300 pound security guards with their taser guns drawn….jk. But yeah we did get caught and we were told to leave. They matter-factly pointed out the lovely security cameras that follow movement, that had seen EVERYTHING, including my lovely white boobs…enjoy you guys? Now there’s a story to tell the grandchildren.