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Zucchini TreatAnother Playboy-FTV-E-Rotic shoot. First time ever in my life that I put a once living (but now not so much) organism in my down there area. BTW, zucchini’s have an interesting odor…and no that’s not from me! I would’ve eaten the thing after using it…but I’m not sure if I like zucchini or not.

Public BeadingI’ve got big balls, they’re such big balls…;) And they get stuffed inside me in PUBLIC. Oh how kinky is that? Pretty kinky for me I’ll tell ya. Personally I think this was a pretty risky public shoot…not sure if Rob would agree. A movie theatre was right across the street and I’m sure they could see everything that I was doing…that’s probably why the movie theatre employee yelled at me when I entered her establishment…she knew what was going on.

A Shower for LocalsOkay…no…this is my most public nude shoot ever! People (mostly guys thank gawd cause I’m sure if a woman saw me she would complain) were all around taking secretive pictures of me while I was bathing and flashing my whiteness, with their I-Phones/cell phones. At least somebody had the courage to come up to me to get a picture. You get a boob flash for that, sir.

Orgasm on Sandy BeachVery, very public masturbation (at least in my perspective it’s public…not so much to Rob). Would’ve had a quicker orgasm, but the sun was burning my whiteness and people kept on walking by. Can you just leave a girl in peace to masturbate…good gawd? Yet again got covered in sand so I had to try to clear at least some of it off…wasted efforts on my part.

Sand in my PrivatesYep…that’s right…I’ve got sand in my privates, and did for a week after this shoot. They aren’t lying when they call this place “Sandy Beach”….but I will never go in the water there again. The first time I swam in here I was in front of one hundred guys…and lost my top, not once but twice. No wonder there are so many guys that come here. They are waiting for stupid Haole (foreigner) girls like me to come in their skimpy bikinis that end up getting ripped away by the water.

Not a Nude BeachThis is by far the most extreme public nudity shoot I’ve ever done…and if you haven’t figured it out yet…this is not a nude beach. I had to wake up super early to shoot this (which that in itself is amazing!) And a bunch of people get to see my white ass and my even whiter boobs. I was freaked out the whole time that we would get caught by police or something, but thankfully we didn’t.

Playboy is Watching

Whoo-hoo. Finally in Playboy…Playboy tv that is. I get to be one of the models for E-Rotics FTVGirls shoot, along with Lia and Brynn. Hopefully next season they do a segment on me. How awesome would that be? So you (and Rob, Bridget, Lia, two cameramen, and the director) get to see me masturbate in the purple dress (not that you haven’t seen that already). Took me awhile to have an orgasm….because Rob would NOT shut up!

Chloe meets Danielle #2And then we move to the bed…were I go down on her again, and again, and again. Wish we had more time to play with each other…but Rob (the FTV photog) seemed kind of rushed. Okay so I don’t really have anything else to say…the first time videos are pretty self explanatory.

Chloe meets Danielle #1Chloe…yowzah! My gawd this girl is too cute. She is super tall and has an accent….my type of girl. We get to take a bath together after Chloe’s “hard workout”. I was pretty nervous…wasn’t sure if I should kiss her or not. But that’s always a good sign with me if I am nervous around a girl…means I like her. After awhile I finally gather the courage to go down on her.

Close & IntimateHere’s a video for all you closeup fans (which I’m not). Now I like a little pain with my sex (or masturbation) but that nipple clamp thing hurt like hell. I like my nipple clamps better…they are adjustable plus they vibrate! Personally I think I look retarded when I try to lick my nipples…nipples are supposed to be licked by others, not yourself (though if you are into that go right ahead.) I try to move my clit…can you see it?