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Topless Newbie TennisOkay so I’m definitely no Anna Kournikova. This is my second time ever playing tennis and let me tell you, it isn’t easy. Especially when you are playing it topless while a bunch of cars are driving by and people walking by…then it’s like a million times harder. It was still fun though. I definitely burned off a bunch of calories running after the ball. I hope the guy I was playing with didn’t get too frustrated with me. And it was fun trying to climb that fence, and see how high I could get…though it hurt my hands so I probably won’t be doing that again too soon.

Lina meets DanielleNotice how hairy I am down there? Got my hair up there done too. For the first time on video I get to use the VibraKing….and boy does it do the job for me…though only when I’m using it myself as you will see when I have to take the toy from Lina. Lina let me borrow her very cute corset (need to get one that looks like that) and her too small shoes (but they look cute!)

Flashing Around Town

Today was a kinky, naked day full of nakedness, dancing, getting yelled at by angry movie theatre employees, and ice cream…yeah. For the first time ever in my life I run down stairs in public while taking my shirt off. Now how many people can say they’ve done that? I also moon you with my white butt, while a very interested old lady looks on. Not sure if she could see anything or not, but I really didn’t want to know.

Miyu meets DanielleOMG I love, love, love Miyu. I wish I could keep her 🙁 I really like the Asian-American chicks I’ve noticed. We had an absolute blast together. We got to eat ribs, hang out at the bookstore, and do “finger dips.” Rob (the FTV photog) makes fun of the picture where Miyu is in the 69 position and my head is barely sticking out…he says that it looks like Miyu is giving birth to me. Miyu if your reading this…marry me? Though truth be told, you will be one of many wives.

The sporty oneSo I just bought this really cute skater outfit yesterday and really wanted to shoot in it. I’m not very good at skateboarding to tell you the truth…I have really sucky balance, but hey at least I’m trying. After attempting to skateboard we head on over to the basketball court. I used to be on the basketball team in middle school…but ended up quitting when the girls got too competitive. The hoop seemed pretty tricky, seeing as though most of my balls would hit the rim, do a spin and get knocked back out….but I made a few. My friend had brought along a football so we threw that around a little too…but Danielle FTV style…meaning topless!

Taryn meets Danielle Well not sure what to say about Taryn and this shoot. Most people didn’t particularly care for Taryn, though I thought she was okay. Not into girls AT ALL. She seemed a little nervous about kissing me…didn’t think I had that effect on people 😉 It was fun floating around in the pool with her….she has very buoyant boobs.

Lina meets DanielleYeah…more girl on girl action with Lina, this time at the pool. We are both sporting tight FTV t-shirts (notice that mine gets all see through when it’s wet). Lina looks so cute in her rockin’ sunglasses. She does some finger banging action on me…too bad she didn’t fist me…that would’ve been cool! Well I’ll obviously have to wait for someone with smaller hands (since mine are way too big.) So some nice hot action on a nice hot day….perfect!

Emily meets DanielleEmily is freaking awesome and too cute!…needs to lose those gun tattoos on her hips though. I think this is one of my more “adventurous” assist shoots…like the Tara update. And it’s always nice to find a girl who is okay kissing other girls…though as usual I would’ve liked to have gotten a little more “frisky” with her.

My new fit figureI’ve been working my butt off trying to get in shape for the past few months now…and it really shows. I just wish I was as toned as I am now back when I did my first FTV shoot, then maybe I would’ve been voted number one instead of number two in the “favorite ftv models of summer 2008” vote 😉 But I know all of you will vote me number one for the favorite model of 2008. In a few more months I should look even better than I do now, yeah!