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My interview RawSo you get to see the raw, mostly unedited version of my “Welcome” Video. The FTV photog had me say some lines over and over and over again in different locations, with different hairstyles, and in different clothing. Some of it is shot in the FTV house, some of it at the airport, some at an LA mall, and some in a cab ride. It was pretty fun…but I screwed up the lines quite a bit. The photog kept on complaining about me not being loud enough, but I was like do you really want me to be shouting out loud “Welcome to my site!?” And you can see me do a boob flash in the taxi…that’s pretty risky.

Taking it to 145 mphI got to drive in a Lambo!!! Holy cow…the whole time I was worrying about crashing the thing. The FTV photog was like “you can go faster” and I was like if I crash this car it will take me 10 years to pay for the repairs. But I ended up getting it up to about 145…not sure exactly how fast I was going, I was more worried about keeping the car on the road. The Lambo is really low to the ground so I was worried about people being able to see my boobs, but if they did I guess they didn’t mind. We stop on the side of the road to take some pictures and video. I was pretty nervous because there I’m sitting, boobs out just playing with myself as cars go whizzing by. Good thing no cops went past.

Tour of the Lamborghini dealershipSo I finally get to do a shoot in this really sexy black dress that I got from the Guess store. I’ve only had it for like a year! We head over to a beautiful Lamborghini dealership. I get to pose pretty around a bunch of super expensive cars and I get to sit in the “golden princess” which unfortunately I’ve only gotten to do once before. There has to be at least $10 million worth of cars in this one place. I pose around the Bugatti Veyron… My favorite car out of the bunch would be the Saleen. I absolutely love that red color.

fashionable masturbation at the mall

Since I almost got caught at the sassy mall I head over to a nearby office building to have some “alone time.” Taking out my wonderful pink bullet vibarator I sit down and start pleasuring myself. I’m pretty nervous and kind of shy so I have to close my eyes and fantasize about playing with another girl so that I can orgasm. I cum so hard that it leaves me breathless. Who wants to see the video?

fashionable tease at the mall

In a super sexy purple dress and purple high heels I walk around a pretty busy sassy mall. I pick a cool spot and pose a little for the camera and give you some boob shots. Walking around the corner I do some more posing and boob flashing…then I raise up my skirt so you can see me “down there”. I go down the elevator and tease you a little by flashing my boobs and then go to a nice secluded area where I show you some more of myself “down there” almost getting caught!

lias rock band

After Lia and I almost get caught naked at a golf course we go to her home and decide to play a little “dirty” Rock Band. Seeing as though it’s my first time ever playing the game Lia helps me out a bit by giving me a few hints. We both pull our boobs out of our dresses and start rocking out. I also give you a nice view of my “down there area”. I end up failing out of the game and Lia comes to my rescue by beating on her drums.

Lia meets Danielle

I got to meet Lia for the very first time today. She is a spunky, sarcastic blonde haired, brown eyed girl with perky boobs and huge nipples. I was pretty nervous about meeting this very well known single site girl for the first time, but she made me feel very comfortable, making me laugh most of the shoot. We head to a park near her home, and do some boob flashing. I get to suck and play with her amazing nipples a little bit and she does the same to me. We go underneath a bridge where I slowly peel off her sexy panties and we give you some upskirt action. We make-out a little bit, both of us pretty nervous about kissing the other. We leave after getting many stares from angry housewife golfers. I guess they don’t like their husbands staring at two beautiful girls practically naked.

Pretty Blue Spread

I head over to a nearby office building. I’m pretty nervous about people seeing me get undressed and changing into a different outfit so we head to the second floor where it doesn’t look busy. I take off my cute black polka-dot present dress and put on a summery brown, white and turquoise dress. I slip out of my black heels, and let you guys see my flinstone feet (at least they are manicured). I pose a little for the camera, letting you guys get a good look at my boobs and “down there” area. Playing around with my breasts I go over to the railing and let them dangle down over the edge (feeling really stupid btw), before we decided we got enough footage and it’s time to go. And in good time too because right as I was covering myself a guy peeked out one of the office doors!

hot dress orgasm

This shoot is a continuation of the “Hot Dress to Go” shoot. Supposedly the freaking building was empty, but while sitting there exposed for the world to see, playing with myself, there I see a man peering at me on the second floor. Boy did I bolt out of there quick! So we go to a different location where I could do the masturbation scene, but I was still pretty nervous about getting caught so it took me a while to orgasm. But orgasm I did!

Hot dress to go

Since I bought this gorgeous black polka dot present dress specifically for my shoot, the FTV photog took me to a really pretty office so that the dress would “look right.” I pose pretty for the camera, pulling out my boobs, fondling them, and let you guys see some upskirt action. Some of my favorite pictures were taken at this location. I go sit down to masturbate and since I left my toy in the car, I have to masturbate with my fingers, while the photog goes to get the toy.

Brittni meets Danielle

Today I get to assist this blonde chick named Brittni. We put on a little makeup together and then start kissing. Honestly she seemed pretty tentative about kissing me, so we didn’t do it to much. We go sit down so she can masturbate, and I play with my boobs a little. The FTV photog told me that I was making funny faces the whole time…but she had such an “interesting” way of masturbating, so I really couldn’t help it. Plus I had a lot on my mind.